Tattoo and Motivation – Why Do People Get Tattoo?

With ink that appears on everyone and someone becomes a common question about why do people get tattoo? What exactly is what encourages us to change our body and inject us with ink in a rather painful way? What exactly is what makes us approach perfect strangers and allow them to permanently put their artwork on our bodies to life? Of course, the reasoning is from person to person, but here are some of the common reasons why people get tattooed.

Some get tattoos simply as a form of self-expression and rebellion of society. We get them to show who we are and what we stand for. We get them to show the world that we are as we are not a father what they think or what they expect from us.

We get our ink to show our connections and connections. This does not have to be related to any kind of connection. For some, it's Marines' relationship or something we're very proud to be apart, others are simply a sign of their family and who they are and belong to.

Some of us get tattoo simply because there is something we want to do and something we want to complete. Our reasons are as simple as we've got our first ink and become addicted. Taking a tattoo is an addictive habit. And once added and bitten we go back for more ink. And that can be a simple reason behind getting the ink.

Some people choose to get ink to show what has happened in their lives, to remember all that has happened in their lives. This is a case of prisoners who have filming stories tattooed on their bodies. For those who are without ink are said to have never lived or been exhausted.


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