The Empowerment Skip – Black Male Crisis – Self Image

The version of the "black man's crisis" is truly one that tears in my heart and causes my aggression to cause change, "by any means." I recently read an article that simply said we have lost a generation of black boys. It further stated that adverse effects such as negative media, gangs, drugs, poor education, unemployment, foster freedom, crime, violence and death have affected the unlimited potential of young black men on them. Highlighting numbers show that young black men are graduating from high school at all times, citing the high dropout rate. Which is more closely linked to the low percentage of black men who attend and complete university education. In essence, these are the statistics that give a strong explanation of the causes of the filtration system in the US penitentiarys of our black men, now well over a million inhabitants. As a young black man and son of father, this reality is heartbeat and scary least. Clearly, as a whole, we must become aggressive about ensuring that we no longer lose generations of black boys.

When we look at ourselves and look into our black boys to really put them in a way of success, let's look at strengthening "Self Image." It is first cruel that we not only control the identity of our black boys but also our own self-esteem. In my self-esteem, I'm simply talking about our self-esteem or how we see ourselves. There is an emotional and mental viewpoint that you own. As fathers, mothers, teachers and mentors for these black boys, we should have confidence in our own ability to achieve our highest potential. It is equally important that we express our aspirations to our young people and hope and allow them to experience and make our journey to achieve highlights or "seek happiness." The first stage of life for our young, black men is highly educated, with what is seen and heard. Think about it, if you're a dominant figure in the life of a young brother, and what he gets from you is mainly a complaint about your life, jobs, relationships, and you should have and could, then he's likely to associate his identity with The possibility of success is lowered. Believe me, I know there are many obstacles that deal with us in life and many more come when you are in purpose in search of your passion. But complaining and making excuses only increases the cycle of a small self-image among those who look for us as a guide.

As an elder in the Marine Corps of the United States, I know that before soldiers can go to a hostile state they are "introduced" to make sure they are ready, focused and safe to accomplish the project. Because we save our black boys, we are struggling with living ammunition and as a father, mothers, teachers and mentors, we must "introduce" where we must be prepared, focused and self-confident in ourselves and our ability to achieve project.

So attention! We stand for the purpose of "rescuing our black boys", then get ready and build a self-image …..

Battle Practice 1:

Let's evaluate and write down our goals and hopes of our own lives and start calculating the sources of our happiness and our unhappiness. Explain the sacrifices and additions we have to make to start or future to pursue our highest potential. It is important that we participate in our black men in this process and explain the importance of building a self-image. In addition, let's quit and spend energy to find the solutions to our resentment.

Next "The Empowerment Vessel" will continue to explore the importance of building identity in our "Saving Black Boys."

Always remember that "We were not here to throw stones, we were here to move mountains."


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