The importance of organizers

Companies are based on leadership, and when good leaders are present, companies will succeed in all activities they commit, but employees and experience growth. In fact, no company or company can survive and prosper in the absence of effective organizational leadership.

One of the key elements of organizational leadership is to maintain a delicious balance between understanding the needs of employees and organizational goals. A foundation with the right leadership will have employees who are happy to work in the company and believe that their work has contributed to the growth of the organization. It must treat its employees as the most important part of the entire system and instead of just work, they need to be treated as assets.

There are two types of organizational structure. One type is a horizontal leadership, with an open mind that allows subordinates to express their views. The other is a vertical leadership, where subordinates are encouraged not to ask any authority. They are made to hear and obey orders. Often it is a vertical leadership structure that is believed to be implemented in most organizations, but recently we can witness a mixed system for mutual growth and benefits.

However, there are both pros and cons of both systems but dependent on the normal nature and the organization's scope needs to implement the correct system. No matter what type of leadership system has been implemented in the company, there is always a constant need for a regular assessment of organizational leadership so that it is properly expanded and effective organizational goals can be achieved. It is necessary to make sure that the action plan is appropriate. For example, ordinary leadership leadership would not work in the marketing department, as it would counter the creative effects needed in this area, but it would be more appropriate or perfect in the military.


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