The Ultimate Secret of Happiness

There are some scientific discoveries that changed the face of the world. When such a discovery was the invention of an electric motor, which combines mechanical energy into electricity. Imagine world without electricity. Yet few of us know how the principle of electromagnetic field behind the electric motor was discovered by Michael Faraday.

In 1820, Hans Christian Oersted and Andre Marie Ampere discovered that electric current generated a magnetic field. Faraday thought that because of an electrical current that could cause magnetic fields, magnetic fields should also be able to produce electrical currents. He worked on this idea for a long time to change the magnetic field in electricity. Nothing was upcoming. One day in 1831 he became frustrated and wound the magnet into the circuit. To his surprise, he noted that the ammeter (measuring device for measuring electricity) showed a motion that indicates electricity. He repeated this experiment again and again, concluding that every time the magnet is near or removed from the circuit (loop), electricity is produced. Thus, he discovered an electromagnetic fluid which means that when the magnetic field is changed to loop, the current is produced. From his experience came devices that led to modern electric motors, generators and transformers, which changed the world forever.

He knew little that he had begun the great mystery of life. Just as changes in the magnetic field produce electricity, a change in human condition results in happiness or pain. If you understand this rule and use in your life, you can control and control happiness and pain in your life.

Detection of dualities in science

Modern physics is nothing but the discovery of the devil that exists in nature. From that time, elderly people knew about magnets. Even our planet behaves like a magnet and people used a magnetic needle to find direction from age. Electricity also was always known for people like appearing in the rain. However, the relationship between the two was. Yet an electric magnetic field was not the only twins discovered by scientists.

The twin twins helped Einstein explain the concept of electronics and gained him the Noble Prize. The principle of equilibrium equality from special theory of relativity, he always made the greatest scientist who explained many mysteries of nature like solar energy, helping scientists to produce nuclear power and also nuclear bombs.

But virtue is beyond our understanding of the audience. How can a magnet make electricity? How can the surge become particle? How can you change energy in mass? Still, you have no chance of accepting these two divisions because they were true. But when Heisenberg caves the "uncertain rain" that revealed that particles in a small area are expanding the activation of the ark; Somewhere, Einstein found it absurd and made a famous remark: "God does not play dice with the world." But the world is listening to the truth about the uncertainty and Heisenberg received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932.

Body-Soul Duality

But it's one of the devils that has never been solved and twins are called body- soul twins. No one denies the body that was seen, found and measured. No-one can also deny the soul, which is the essence of every life, but can not see, find or measure with any tools. When the soul passes, the body becomes nothing but a dead matter.

Forever, philosophers and scientists have been fighting with each other to decide which of them is real. In the eyes of scientists, the body is the only reality that is the source of mind and life. Although philosophers believe that only soul is real and it is a source of body and mind. However, every man knows that both body and soul are realities. One can not be without others. There are no indications of soul without body or body without soul.


The mystery of happiness is hidden in solving the divide between the body and the soul. Spiritual leaders from Buddha to Jesus to Mohammad to Gandhi spoke of denial of sensible pleasure and material comforts in life to achieve happiness and peace by calling on the spiritual self. Poverty and absenteeism were considered to be the safest way of God's kingdom. Jesus Christ told his disciples (Matthew 5: 3): "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for souls are the kingdom of heaven." He also said, "How difficult is it for the rich to enter the kingdom of God! In fact, it is easier for camel to go through the needle than for the rich to enter the kingdom of God" (Luke 18: 18-27) .

But the fact is that few people are convinced that the source of happiness consists of being poor, disposing of physical comfort and physical pleasure. Most religions ask their followers to follow apostasy and avoid sexual indulgence. Nothing can be more ridiculous when everyone agrees that sex is the source of all life. Even Saints feel hungry and need food, shelter and clothing. How can one get all these requirements for content fulfilled unless he is connected to the world and acquires his livelihood.

The fact is that God has designed the universe in such a way that one needs a body and also has a soul. Although the body is made up of the flesh and blood of the parents, the soul is part of God. In the interaction of body and soul lies the mystery of happiness and pain.

Only change is eternal
No one can live with physical life or purely spiritual life permanently. You can love music but imagine listening to the same music for days. You are sure to become mad and hate music. Likewise, even the greatest believer in God can not hold their faith when they see great poverty and misery in this world and the crime held against children and women.

Nothing in this world can be stationery even for nanoseconds. Even the solid part consists of vibrant atoms that are all vibration towards each other and each atom consists of electrons moving near the velocity of light.

Our day itself is filled with the interaction of substance and intangible life. When you get up in the morning you can wait or go for a walk. These are not the actions that are fun for the body and the senses and therefore not content or spiritual. When you eat your breakfast, you do stuff. When you go to an office, you do both. Every action made with the spirit of selflessness, kindness, compassion, justice and love is spiritual, but the opposite work is subjective since content. When you spend your children and spend time with your partner, you are actually doing a mental role because it is done selfless and you are making physical pleasure from it. Finally, when you apply for the night, you are at the deepest level of spiritual consciousness, where Indian philosophers believe that your soul is associated with the soul of the universe of God during sleep.

Thus, your daily life and really all life is nothing but the interplay of substance and spiritual nature of man. Although all happiness is related to the spirit, every pleasure is connected to the body. The change in spirit creates physical pleasure, but the change in physical pleasure causes mental pleasure. Yoga is the best example. You control your body and suffer from physical discomfort and gain mental energy. However, sex gives physical pleasure at the expense of spiritual energy.

Let's try to understand this mystery with another example. Love is considered to be holy and spiritual activity in all religions. But to give something, you need it. You can not get it without you getting it. But learning something requires participation in worldly affairs. So happiness lies in the fist and on giving it. As you develop from the poor to the rich, it becomes less spiritual. But when you make you become poorer and become spiritual and get happiness.

It's like transforming one energy to another. When you throw the ball up, you give it the power of energy. However, at the top of its position, the energy gets transformed into potential energy. When the ball comes down, you get the same potential energy to the energy source again. So, by suffering the physical pain, you get pleasure from happiness associated with the Spirit.

Thus, spirituality is like the potential energy that is invested in investing in the pain of physical life. But if you do not spend it, there's nothing. It's like the ball thrown in the air that sticks to the tree. If you want happiness, make it fall under the tree to realize its energy. Similarly, if you have great materialistic possessions, you have a hidden source of great spirituality and pleasure when you decide to give it away and become less materialistic.

Buddha was not born of poor parents than in the king's family. He had all the pleasure of life. But instead of collecting his pleasure, he decided to spend it and discover spiritual. Gandhi also lived the life of the poor, but his organization, the parliament, lived only on the contribution of wealthy craftsmen. He would not have run the organization without these material people.

Harmony of Life

The secret of happiness lies neither in materialism nor in spirit, but in the interaction of both. The truth is that life is like a symphony that requires constant changes in nodes. If you have listened to music and found pleasure for your senses and appealing to your soul, it's because the nodes change over time with the frequency they create a symphony. If the nodes do not change over time, it can not be music.

The same is true to life. You must constantly move from materialism to spiritual aircraft at regular intervals to create the symphony called joy. Only by practicing and experiencing, you can understand the true sign language of life. In the change lies the source of all happiness. A consistent change always pleases you while unchanging change can become cacophonous and becomes painful. Learn this mystery of nature and God and you can discover happiness and happiness in your life.


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