The use of autonomy to combat anxiety and depression

It's all about your "self". Whether you look at it, regardless of what is shown in your external environment, none of these people will keep a slight meaning in your life if you choose to be dead for all that. But a man like you are, just like everyone else, setting up an obstacle between you and the world as long as you live is simply not likely. The blind eyes are turned off and a deaf ear to what is happening around you can be easy in certain cases. However, if you are in the fire, do not hurt yourself, life should blow you into trouble, one after another, the imagination you would never click out when you hit. There would always be a point of breaking, not just for you but for all of us who thrive in this subject world. And the world, unlike humans, is sometimes innocent of mercy or reflection. When it shows the dark side of the face to you, it does without warning or thinking about how you can affect it. If it takes you in defense, you could end up lubricating under your power, suffering from your inner breath and indicating any depression and anxiety.

Identify Your Devils

Known as a mental condition in which you lose your self-esteem and interest in your usual work, depression can literally deliver life out of person and deserve him with mercy. In contrast to individual depressive episodes or mood disorders, depression can increase in days, increasing the longer it lasts.

Anxiety, on the other hand, is characterized by a creative state that strikes a person without recognizing self-esteem, which is marked by prominent influence. As in most cases, depression and anxiety are conspiracy, hand in hand when one expresses the pressure he suffers from. All of us are sensitive to these two spiritual devils every time we face a dark side of reality. The only difference lies with how each one governs himself, staying unchanged even in the face of difficulties.

Bracing yourself for the Challenge

To fall on your knees in dealing with a strong opponent is a natural human trait; After all, no one is unbeatable. Frequent exposure to problems would always wear you and make you more vulnerable to breaking as you continue. But when you look at challenges, what matters most is your ability to rise to it and come back if you fall down. Your ability to restore your feet is embedded in how strong your self-esteem is.

Having a strong sense of self-awareness means that you are sure of your value and essence as a person who is permanently external forces. Identifying yourself and your success with factors found in your environment or lifestyle causes weak self-awareness. In fact, you become hollow and dependent on those who again make you vulnerable to depression and anxiety when you become adversity. Thus, strengthening yourself by strengthening your self-awareness would serve as a defense against them.

In order to grasp the value of your self, it's important to acknowledge the truth that you are a person who is accused of love, attention and many blessings that life has to offer, regardless of your belongings, trapped business and achievement. Too often people make big mistakes to identify their nature and self-confidence with their belongings or abilities. What you are as a person does not depend on what you have or what you can do. In truth, your abilities and material assets depend on what you are truly within and not the opposite. Building your value on external and material effects would only throw you into an abundant mouth of depression and anxiety when your life is in existence.


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