Think of terms every hour

How much is your hour time worth? If you want to change a game, change your hours.

One of the best ways to change your game is to change the value you spend on an hour of your time. Why? Because it helps you focus on and make payments in what you do. If you make $ 5 per hour, chances are that activities that would make you $ 50 per hour are very different. It's not just different skills, it's a different mindset and different expectations. It is another set of jobs and experiences and different lifestyles. If you want to make $ 50 a hour, then you make less of $ 5 per hour items and start making more of $ 50 per hour items.

How Important is Your Hour

If you are paid by the hour, you already know how much you are selling your time. But that does not mean how much your time is worth it. My first surprise was on my first counseling day, when I found out that I was taken out at $ 100 per hour. I remember I was not paid, but I was surprised that someone thought my time was worth $ 100. Then I realized that others were more than working less … Hmmm, I thought to myself, " I'm doing something wrong. "

My friend quickly taught me how to calculate how much your hourly rate is. He said that if you are paid, simply chop the thousands and divide it into two. For example, if you make $ 20,000 a year, please take 20 and divide it in half, so you pay $ 10 per hour. If you make $ 40,000 a year, then take $ 40 and divide it in half, so you're paid, $ 20 per hour. If you make $ 100,000 a year, take $ 100 and divide it in half, so you pay $ 50 per hour. It's not an exact science, but it gives you a working area.

Is your time worth more

I remember one of my friends to ask the question, should Bill Gates pick up a penny? … or dime? The default answer is "Of course" or "Why not?" Apart from the philosophical perspective, the question was that Bill Gates & # 39; The time is so much fun that it costs him more to pick up a penny and spend the same time thinking about the next best. In other words, it is a distraction and it reduces spending time on valuable things.

How many image prophecies do you pick up every day?

Ask the question, start the process

Simply by asking the question, what's the cost of $ 50 per hour? What are $ 100 per hour? What is $ 10,000 per hour, start to see patterns and opportunities. For example, some coaches like Tony Robbins have paid $ 10,000 per hour. You can ask yourself what kind of problems did it make to solve what was worth?

If you start looking around, you can find models and examples of people who do more per hour. You can view your career and possibilities and you can see how many different types of jobs are in an hour. More importantly, you can see limits and limits. For example, would it be realistic to expect to make $ 10,000 an hour waiting table? If so, then where? If not, then what are some other ways, if you make $ 10,000 per hour is an important benchmark for you.

The goal is to refer to a wide network and explore the paths, know the baseline and know the air as possible. This will help you adjust your own expectations, as well as choosing better ways.

Minimum, not maximum

The goal is to increase yourself and make more value at your time. After all, some say, time is all we have. Just because you set your eyes at $ 100 per hour, means you should limit yourself to $ 100 per hour. In fact, you can find it easier to make $ 100 per hour, by going for $ 10,000 per hour. In the words of Bruce Lee, "Aim to Achieve Your Goal."

To do this, it means getting clarity about a few things. What is the market value of XYZ? For example, how much do people pay for XYZ today? It means calculating which skills you already have are underestimated, or you are not getting the most out of them. It also means getting clarity about what talent or experience you need to grow to move up the stack. The beauty is that the models are everywhere, when you start looking for them.

In order to play this game, however, it means you have to try and it means you have to play on the ground where you are not limited to what you can do. For example, as an entrepreneur or Infopreneur in today's world, you can try to create great products that change the world while you change your game. As a consultant or freelancer, you can try up an upside to people who pay a premium for your service or time. You can try changing your offers by having lower prices for single market and premium offers for others. It is inevitable to make it possible to explore what is possible.

The difference that matters

The difference between $ 10 per hour or $ 100 per hour or $ 10,000 per hour might not be what you expect. Although part of it may be skill and experience, a larger part of it can actually be how you build perception. By the end of the day, it's not a real value, but a "sensible value" that people pay for. And perception is a reality. That's why the brand is such a great way to change the game. If two things are equal, then you get a better brand.

If you keep the brand simple and think about three, five or seven qualities you want to be about (quality, value, beauty, etc.) then you can bake them for what you do. The other key is to make sure that it complies with your own values ​​so that you can be authentic and play your natural strengths. This is a more sustainable way, and by coordinating your values, you use energy, passion and very personal power.

Do not be surprised when you start viewing this lens you see many work less than do more. All your assumptions about how much something should be worth can be much different from what the market pays or perception that people have built up. Do not be blinded by your own criteria and do not be blind with how the market works. Especially not surprised that by simply changing the scene or your container can suddenly increase your hour. For example, your knowledge could be worth $ 10 in one part of the country, while $ 100 in another. The opposite is also true. Indeed, the site makes it particularly interesting because it is a global market. What you do for $ 100 per hour could anyone in the world do for $ 10. But remember, it's not just real value, it's market value, perception and brand.

So key issues, in addition to changing your mindset, attitudes and assumptions, and enhancing your knowledge and experience, is to test forums and test options and explore the existing models that come up with some types of your own.

Start With Your New Hour

Great place to start is to start from where you already are. To do it, try this …

  1. Show the current hour. If you have already paid for the hour, then good, you already know this number. If you pay with a salary, cut down thousands and divide it into two. For example, $ 60,000 is $ 30 per hour.
  2. Specify what you want your hourly rate to be.
  3. Explore the possibilities and possibilities of how to get rid of it. Find a few examples to simulate and test. When you get stuck, find the mentors and people in your life that can help you see what you do not see.

Good luck and your skills could be with you.


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