Three main points to true happiness

"The three main things to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to be hoped for."

Joseph Addison

English Scribe and Poet

(1672 – 1719)

Addison probably landed on the Spanish nail when he considered what was necessary for true happiness.

True, true happiness by having a purpose in life, warm affection and service to others, and believing that even more awards are waiting for a person after death. How do the elements of Addison counseling mean in the modern era? Consider these ways:

1. "Something to do." True happiness can be realized to live life full of adventures, recreation, spending quality with loved ones, etc. Remember that another counselor helps "idle mind is a devil's workshop." Doing something can also include public services, go back to school, start new hobbies or anything else that makes the person happy to greet every new day.

2. "Something to Love." Having something, or more suitable person to love, is one of the best ways to find true happiness. This love can be for family members, romantic interests or even pets. The key is not so much about what your loved one is like showing love and having that love again.

3. "Something to Expect." Call it faith, optimism, ambition or whatever else comes to mind. True happiness also means believing that no matter how bad things happen to a person, it will always be brighter days ahead.

An individual who wants to know the true meaning of happiness can also do that by maintaining positive angles of life and approaching each new day, grateful for what they have, not what they do. Whoever knows how to be truly happy also knows how to put life in context. Life is a series of joy and myocardial infarction. At some point, every person will experience tracedy in his life, but that does not mean it needs to define his life.

But the way to happiness and happiness does not end there. What more could bring true happiness than being a friend to others? To serve friends by listening to them, being dependent and having a reputation as someone trustworthy, they can turn around in times of crisis. By resourceing an individual not only the lives of others but making them better by saving the existence of those they love.

True happiness can also be achieved by investing in the lives of others. Anyone who wants to be happy can also reach the goal by helping others. It is possible to conduct charity work, work with the elderly or others with special needs such as children or disabled people, volunteers with a community office, etc. Everyone was young at one time and will finally realize what it means to be older. And – for God's grace – acknowledge that they could have been less physically or mentally qualified as others. Helping such individuals may bring true happiness.

In the final exam Addison does not consider how to find true happiness for their lives, but more importantly, how they can add real happiness to the lives of others.


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