What is the lack of motivation, really?

I've noticed what I called "lack of motivation" in myself, and wonder about it, as it seems to me. Am I locked? Am I resting? Am I waiting? Am I done? Is Saturn sitting on one of my key factors? I decided to do some direct writing about it, to see what hidden effects and insights could affect. What is the lack of motivation?

Spiritually speaking, there is no such thing as a lack of motivation. You do not have to make an occasion because it is the life itself, and if you live you have enough of it. However, there is a possibility of being unable to experience natural flow of life. For example, certainly in these times of great vibration and speed of frequency, it is common for subconscious patterns based on fear of shaking loose and rising up in your conscious mind. These remnants of instincts in the near or distant past may include ideas such as: "I will be abandoned if I shine my mother," or "I will punish if I exercise self-esteem." You can identify this by "if, then" statements that relate to contraction or avoid and relative silliness of thought when you bring it into the light of a mature person. These old-fashioned ideas are what you call blocks and of course you must disconnect them and do not bring attention and energy into their reality or keep the life you give them. Without fuel they will disappear and not disturb you.

But there are other circumstances that can lead to lack of motivation. You may have recently completed a karma or growth phase and can now work to integrate it and realize the end of the old one, while at the same time perceiving and recording a new understanding of what to come. It takes some time to break old skills and thinking / behavioral practices and to get started. Old practices of self-esteem and worldview can be a serious form of clutter and it takes time to even acknowledge them for what they are, as they are by nature the creation of your reality. Remember that at this time not only you could keep doing something new, but you are continuing to understand how completely new reality will work. Although there are major changes underground, there may seem to be "nothing" happening.

For example, you may be moving from the "old" only want to build on ambitious ambitions that come from the desire for goals that distract nausea emotions, for example, in more intuitive age-based creation comes from desire for merry service and enforced destiny. This leads to the diversity of internifts that are emotional and physical and mental. Both adrenal glands stimulate less and more heart, for example. This can affect neurotransmitters and hormones. Deep energy patterns change, ie. The way energy connects and flows is a complete constellation of logical procedures and is looking for new subtleties and braintracks for expression. This takes time to become normal and equal to all levels of self.

You could unconsciously be working from forcing a new flow by moving from the left brain: What should "be" come next as a logical growth of what's before? Who will I be as an extension of who I know myself as in the world? But your soul would move you from the right hearts, hearts, aura and cells, living in harmony with what common consciousness wants you to do for the joy and conspiracy of all, including you. When the rule of the left brain, a larger part of you who wishes to develop will rebel against the chosen old way of driving motivation or achieving goals for "wrong" reasons. At a certain point, your inner self will not let you go on fake reasons. You do not lack motivation, but learn to perceive a new kind of motivation.

Another reason you may find lack of motivation is that you still can not see what you have to do – because it does not exist. Your consciousness may be some "frequency degrees" from being able to anticipate new development that involves you. You may lose important information. The world is developing rapidly and new opportunities and forms of expression are constant births. Your new direction can be one of them, due to appear at any time. You can find it, but perception of timing is not quite right. Perhaps it's the other people who will be cocreating with you not ready yet. So without the concrete goal that your body can be upset, you simply wait. Your mind can misinterpret this lack of information or an inner sense of premature timing as a lack of motivation.

It's easy for these left-brain transition times to take over, as it is used to run things. It spends threats and breaks and wants to fill every space with certainty, even though it is a negative self-assurance. So when you're invisible to take advantage of a new life, your left brain loves to make statements about how wrong-bad-flawed-hopeless-old-invincible or stupid you are. So you may be tempted to surrender, to become bad and dull. The turtle draws his head and legs. It would be great if you could fill your essence and find out what your true self feels and return to the world with childish wonder and personal affectionate connection with everything. Too often, the left brain-egomind takes care of the estimated outcome of "nothing happening" -death. It is to consider your own death, for example, death – but if you know this voice you will of course die or you should even kill yourself.

So when your awareness of motivation disappears, leave your left brain resting in a quiet. Change the feeling and experience it directly at the close-up. Do not be in the past, the future, or the positive or negative point of view, but unite what you have now to experience it and personally know it – what's at your moment at any moment is a real living part of you and appears through great love and service ideas shared conscious and united area. Find a little excitement from your depths – something easy, close and simple. Something that comes naturally, how a child turns from blue color scheme to red just because it looks great. Enjoy watching your attention in doing and seeing how the action will be a physical outcome. And how you feel comfortable at each level along the way. And how the waves of attention come home to settle and rest, then returns to flow into another search.

Practice this little way over and over until you can consciously acknowledge how this natural creature works – unlike your joy, uninterrupted, you should build the new creativity that you might have in the past: "I have to wash re-open the dishes. "Be with this new custom and slowly, more complex and broader ideas will appear that seem easy to do and as exciting as drawing a red crayon.

Trust this: while you are your living soul – the real thing you have with all other souls in the development process and like a current, the flow sometimes flows and burbles, sometimes rushes and collapses. But this developmental stream is your interest and it will give you your internal sensors; It will give you curiosity and thoughts to consider and encourage to follow. And what's further is what's through you; you can count on this. Even if you have a blind spot and can not see what's on your nose, even if you hang, it's only temporary. The current will change your logic and go through you in a slightly different way, so you see and know new. The life force does not stop. So do not worry about losing interests because reason does not come from you, but from the flow of yourself.

You are built to shape energy and awareness on a particular path, and you must use it because you belong to the unified field and shared consciousness. As you allow Flow to go through you, it develops you and what you are building for development so you can become so capable and interested in new ideas and goals. This is a natural process and requires no work except listening to what you want to pursue with your attention, what experiences you jointly and deeply enjoy. As you do this, change your self-esteem so that you say things like "I love this very! It leads to new opinions and experiences." That way, you support a new routine to be synchronized with your own creative wave. Motivation, or lack of it, will never be a concern.


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