Wisdom of happiness

A mediator once said that the purpose of life is to increase happiness …

Humans have always thought happiness over pleasure. Most spiritual philosophers awaken us to the search for satisfaction (desires) and their consequences. Some suggest that we must wait for happiness; It might be an upcoming savior, after we die, or after we collect certain criteria or karma. The World of Spiritual Doctrine and the New Age Series looks for happiness in colorful wrapping paper that offers a variety of methods and practices that propose to show or deliver happiness experience right now.

Although the narrative changes from the century to the century, but philosophy of philosophy, speaker of speakers, the search for happiness continues to be the driving cause for most of the earth's inhabitants. We want to be more, do more and have more. The words may be elegantly or spherical as a verbiage, but by the end of the day there is still a choice for more pleasure and less pain in life.

On the surface, we can choose our choice as a project, vision or search; holy noble adventure, while demonizing our addiction. Too late, in the past ten years or so, we have been spammed to death since certain specialized ancient theories are now published to the general population. A dangerous example is created, packed in a package of various sizes that emphasize how to increase the happiness, success and happiness we can experience in life by providing us with various methods that include the concept "we can make our reality" For the most part, it's all about being more, doing more and having more; a picture of spiritual materialism.

Do not misunderstand me, I've spent my entire life, proved and tried to improve my game and to some extent the game of others in our ability and search for a perfect dream. In fact, my new book explores a special insight into search for dreams, inspiration, passion and change! But this is only one factor that will contribute to the experience and expression of happiness in life. Without discovering who we are, happiness will continue to be a flirting flirt, a treat for a mind that will always want and need. The best example of "exemplary doctrines" that explore the vernacular, do, ideology is that they will somehow open the door to the reader / specialist to explore the elements of theirs.

What I'm interested in is the detail of the inspired narrative itself. What has to change for the most part is the story of history that has not changed for centuries; conditional belief that our happiness can be found in "things". They could be material things or spiritual things but they are still things! Desires, passions and joy at the "physical" level can lead to despondency.

The rebellion "we make reality" of our theories has become ambiguity become very blurred. Spoken words about what can be gained have become more important than the unseen words that are potentially lost, insignificant words that contain the necessary elements for an integrated experience of happiness and who we are. What matters in many theories is the importance of being cleared while searching for these "things", and even more important is the "hidden truth" that there is no "I" that can achieve or gain, that it is not " I "who can reach or receive.

Most people want to live in the world of secrets. A place where there is no suffering and pain, where sickness, poverty and war have been eliminated by our existence and some experience of others. Failure to rectify parallel opposition is the source of suffering for many spiritual candidates, the term inner perfection is not enough. In most cases, external perfection is denied on the basis of a magnificent world that expresses the distinction and the mind that is incompatible with misunderstanding formulas that will never see perfection in cohabitation resistance.

The gift is not an experience perfect than our ability to perceive perfection in the midst of diversity and distinction, up and down in life. Our obsession with happiness, increased only by the amount of unhappiness that is rampant in the world often overcomes the need to solve and investigate the value of "me" that will become more, be more and do more. What needs to be acknowledged is that the pleasure / pain, looking for happiness, is simply the subtle expression of our nervous system "running to survive."

Left wish, you could begin to believe that it is "me" that creates the reality that it is "me" who will gain more, do more, have more and more. What needs to be acknowledged is that as long as we continue to recognize "me" as our essential being, we will cover how our potential happiness is available and in most cases suffer. We need to go beyond "driving to survive" thinking, feeling, skill, action, regardless of how "illuminate" or "noble" the story may be.

No one "I" has the power to create, be or do things. No "I" can always hope to ensure good happiness so freely invited to receive a prize. Happiness is not a destination. Being more, doing more, having more trance distractions, destroys our attention in a loose smorgasbord of joy and we lose ourselves in the mirage of the breathtaking world.

I am all about improving the quality of our lives; I teach and attend courses aimed at creating awareness about this, but it's much more that the movie's perfect life than the ability to simply repeat the confirmation with the hope that we will draw the perfect relationship or abundance in our lives!

Each one desires inspiration and happiness in life, but we are ready to explore the essential ingredients that make a wicked recipe for an integrated experience of happiness that includes all the dimensions of consciousness that are defined and founded in who we are? Are we ready to do homework that clearly indicates that the "source" of life is beyond what we think, feel, be, do and want in life?

To do more than scratch the surface happiness, we must be prepared to examine all the ideas, all the knowledge, all faith and every defense we have ever learned about happiness. We must be happy to embrace the true self as we show and embrace the enjoyment and diversity of life that has been given so much.

The quest for genuine happiness will never be found in things. Happiness can not be found until we discover more of our self-selves, precious to jewels, bells and whistles that are so easy to distract. We will never quench thirst for happiness until we first quit the idea by doing more, being more and having more happiness in the cult that brings the level we have sought.

Here are some questions to help you scratch and grab a bit deeper:

How do you define happiness?

What affects you in this definition?

Has your definition of happiness changed in your life?

What did it change?

What are your 10 characters to experience happiness?

What three experiences in life do you think you are the most important, memorable or precious experience of happiness?

Who is looking for happiness?

What is what defines happiness?

What is that that affects?


The most important question …

Is anyone who?

"Pleasure is freedom,

But it's not freedom.

It's flourishing your wishes,

But that's not their fruit."

Kahilil Gibran


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