Women strengthen in Rajasthan and India

"Strengthening Women" means allowing power or increasing the overall status, status and state of women in all areas of life. By strengthening women, we demand equal treatment for men in the field of employment, marriage, heritage, education, finance, religion, etc. According to research, women's support will function as a potential that will accelerate economic growth and continue to develop.

"There are no tools for development that perform better than women's intensity." -Kofi Annan

The woman is the creator of life and without women, human life will cease to exist. But it is unfortunate that we live in a male dominant society where women are called weaker and inferior gender to men. Women's conditions are worse in India. In India, women are looked down and treated like men's slaves.

"I think women are stupid to make them equal to men, they are much better and have always been." -William Golding

Purdah system, Practice of Sati, grandson and other such surfer practices have been controlled or ceased to exist. But there are still many issues like increasing women's rape, sexual harassment at work, dowry systems, infant mortality, honor murder, etc. are still preventing women's freedom.

But many, associations, activists and groups work to exhale women in India. Women must become aware of their rights, achieve many roles and realize their potential. But not only women themselves, but people have to wake up to a home that is moving to equality and property. It's better that this is embroidered sooner, for your own benefit. Difficulties go through the agendas has led to women, voting rights, civil rights, property rights, etc. for the law regarding marriage and employment.

In Rajasthan, too, much is being done to strengthen women. Developmental education for girls, better practices for women, leading working environment, successful implementation of business ideas, strengthened family support and open minds, change in social thinking for positive and etc. has helped a lot to strengthen women in Jaipur and Rajasthan.

But women's growth has to be accelerated because hundreds of thousands of women have been cruelty and injustice over the centuries now and it's time to put an end to it so that women can mature their wife and femininity in the truth of sense. First of all, we must deal with all social inequalities that impede women's progress in changing women's circumstances in society and the nation. Next, when women will realize self-esteem and do not commit themselves to any wrong actions, they can free themselves and honor their rights. Also, people must understand that women are equal in every sense and they must be treated with great respect, respect and integrity.

The world will know peace, harmony and sustainable growth when women and men will fear and unite themselves as equality.


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