World Population – the key is the quota of women

"Think of the Earth as a living organism that is attacked by billions of bacteria that are twice forty years." – Gore Vidal, American writer and critic.

The world bursts on it sits thanks to growing global population According to the modern program, the population is about about 6.5 billion. India alone is about 1.17 billion, one of six worlds. Well, it's simply logic! When the world grows in numbers, it's a problem! Bigger numbers The bigger problems will be! More men would mean that more foods are adults to feed, more resources to provide good health and education, more jobs for job creation, more cities and towns to meet and many such things! Unfortunately, the current global economic meltdown will not allow this to happen too quickly and it bought to be. in some important international issues that are primarily health and education.

This dual problem of growing population and the global financial crisis and the economic crisis threatens to overcome difficult educational and health outcomes in the developing world, and the worst of these are women and girls feel the United Nations. Even before the crisis, women and girls represented the majority of the world's poor. And now, these crises have only worsened the situation that pushed them deep into poverty and described them as increasing health risks, especially if they are pregnant and hunger, malnutrition and unemployment. The world can not face women's problems as it has an unclean chance of spilling down to affect the global community as a whole. Right here is the focus on the World Day this year on July 11 to invest in women and girls. The United Nations encourages Member States to continue investing more in strengthening women to help us get out of this global turmoil. Thus, the United Nations believes that the world will be back in order to achieve the MDGs.

WPD's Origin and Purpose
The journal's need is to raise awareness among international societies about the humanitarian crisis following the economic meltdown and the worst consequences that it will cause, especially women and girls, and how dealing with these issues will help the world ! And the world must unite to respond and keep thinking of coming out with new and safer ways to deal with inequality between available resources and growing populations! And globally this year in the 11th year, we strive to do exactly that.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the global population. And what began as an annual event at the United Nations United Nations Development Program in 1989, inspired by the five billion day of July 11, 1987, when the world reached five billion, has now focused more on, like never before. Apart from honoring a traditional way of celebration to raise awareness of global population trends, set goals and find ways to organize events, seminars, meetings and seminars and discussions, WPD has major projects like the world under recession this year!

2009 A heavy theme can help tackle inadequate immunodeficiency and globalization
The UNFPA theme for today's population is "Poverty Fund, Introducing Girls." With tables that state that "when girls are at school and get education, poverty has no chance. " This year's campaign encourages each and every woman to participate in the movement of poor and educated girls. & # 39; This year, Empire aims to draw attention to the importance of educating girls to help solve the grim results of development, development, poverty, human rights and equality.

The global economic meltdown has been the cause of increased worries about a world that is already at stake with the problem of growing population. What began as the financial crisis in rich countries is now deepening in the global economic crisis that is throwing the developing countries hard. Recession fundamentally means insecurity that causes deep cutbacks in spending, including current and new investment leading to unemployment, increased protection, which means more and more employees in foreign countries and institutions become unemployed, governments spend less on public welfare projects such as education , health, nutrition, which causes people and women not to allow them. All of this will only make the situation worse.

According to UNFPA, the key is to strengthen women and children, especially in developing countries, as they will be concerned about a recession. The key is to educate girls and enable women to face these challenges with strategic responses based on women's role as economic partners. Governments around the world should also continue and increase investment in public health, education, childcare and other social services, as this will help reduce the impact of the crisis on the whole family and increase productivity for a healthier economy.

What's at stake!
The United Nations World Population and Development Organization (ICPD) has warned that in times of recession, sexual and reproductive health services are likely to suffer from a reduction in health costs. However, it is a fact that every dollar invested in reducing the need for contraception will reduce by 2 to 4 dollars in domestic and newborn infants. It also involves the well-being of children who can be severely injured because of men's loss in both formal and informal subjects. This, coupled with limited access to family plans and healthcare, could force them to exploit abortion, including unsafe abortion.

Selected Women and Surveillance of the People
UNFPA views reproductive health and gender issues as important factors in human change. Fertility is mainly driven by reproduction and health determinations that single women can or can not do depending on the information, services and supplies available, the cultural context they live, and the educational and economic opportunities they provide. Selected women can make these significant decisions about the distribution of birth through effective use of violence, the plan of smaller families and healthier communities. And promotion begins with proper education, access to better healthcare and employment and economic freedom that would represent the start of a successful people's government and help reduce the impact of global economic meltdown. In addition, strengthening women will lead to better mother health, adequate nutrition for themselves, their children and families.

As the Secretary-General of the United Nations puts it, let us encourage our decisions, national, state, district and home, to protect women to earn income, keep their daughters at school and get information about fertility health and services, since among volunteer family plans. Let us promote women's and girls' rights and strengthen them as highly productive members who can contribute to economic recovery and growth. There can not be a better investment on this day or another.


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