Yoga Visualization for Strengthening – Happiness and Positive Energy

When I mention yoga and positive energy, someone will say or think, "Easy for you to say." This is usually followed by, "My life has been difficult." Unfortunately, many people have fought in life and I did not come from a rich family.

Many people on this ground fight against diseases, hunger and poverty. Even in the United States is obvious poverty. All I have to do is look out my window and I can see at least one homeless person.

Every day I talk to some of them on my way to and from the spa. In fact, there are many local businesses, including me, with local soup kitchen. Our community has groups that take action, but the problem has only gotten worse. Many production jobs have left New England. The homeless does not seem to be unemployed.

Indeed, some political statisticians consider a man who works three minimum wage jobs, as three employees. No wonder we have so much unemployment. No one dares to rest a recession.

Life is an image that we paint with our eyes. Some can not but think the worst. There may have been ideas about deserved poverty, their environment or circumstances beyond their control, but they lose opportunities.

If one of us wants to change, we can start today, but the old programming must be thrown aside. No one, anywhere on this earth, declares suffering from diseases, hunger and poverty. Never think you understand less because someone told you. Look at life on the bright side and look for ethical opportunities every day.

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