16 tips to improve your leadership

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Leaders are not born, they develop. They can influence, attitudes and behavior of others
. Leadership is mostly
behavioral skills, so you can learn it and develop it yourself. You can become a better leader by learning,
practice and asking for constructive feedback from your collections.

Here are some tips to help you develop as a leader:

1. Make sure every opportunity prevents you.

2. Accept responsibility in the workplace and in professional and social organizations.

3. Volunteers for projects. Be prepared to work hard for a long time when he called

4. Develop enthusiastic loyalty to the employer and organizations that you support
. Be proud to be a member of the developer and provide helpful suggestions for

5. Be prepared to work with little or no control. Make decisions and use your

6. Set high demands. Leaders can be recognized because their employees produce
better work and greater output.

7. Be ambitious. Stretch yourself by setting goals and goals and working on it
catch them.

8. Learn the skills of people management. Take the time to listen to people's complaints, ideas, and tips
. Try counseling and assistance with staff with
personal and workplace. Send work and praise a good job –
Give credit when credit is due.

9. Develop talent teams by improving your communication and training
skills. View courses and training courses and read in general.

10. Develop your social skills. Make an effort to blend easily with different
types and races of people. Explore different cultures and religions. Learn to ask
open questions and develop your talents. Dress well before
occasion. Copy basketball habits – you'll feel better and are
more likely to be accepted.

11. Keep your calm in stress. Avoid producing stress in others and try
to seek help to remove stress stress. Good communication should help
to remove the causes of stress.

12. Make an effort to be flexible. Try to change your behavior to meet
experience, knowledge and skills of others in all situations.

13. Encourage people to reach. Expect results. Focus on important issues

14. Ambassador, gives clear instructions and instructions. Trust your staff and not

15. Accept people as they are. Accessing problems and relationships like they are
at the moment, not as they were in the past.

16. A good leader does not make anyone else what you want them to do to you.

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