3-piece happiness formula to save your life

Are you in search of happiness? Are people in your life who suffer you? Do you ever think we will end war, schooling and other cruelty caused by unhappiness?

If you're like me, you do not only want to know how to be happy, but also you want others to be happy so they will stop ripping out the opposite! Perhaps this is the secret because people are buying books on positive thinking.

For eons, we have investigated what makes people happy and stumble upon the answer to this eternal question. AIR Equation is based on these research and gives you a goal-oriented formula that includes only 3 things.


In 2006, Plus Sign Productions, Personal Development and Training Company began. Happy survey projects that covered career counseling, love relationships, dating, friends, family, home life and youth. The results:

1. There are 3 things that greatly affect happiness: acceptance, inspiration and respect.

2. Together, these factors make an equation that explains 92% happiness, the accuracy of rocket scientists will kill.

3. Peace and love – trumpeted since 1960 as a source of happiness – scored too low to be equal.

AIR equation was born, three-digit key element for three keys to focus on life A cceptance + 28% I nspiration + 22% R espect

Now you know the formula for happiness, spiritual inner things that do not cost money.


Do you need more tolerance, cooperation, approval or agreement? Differences fall within this section. Half of happiness is based on acceptance – whether it's from others or yourself – to make happiness almost impossible without it. Abraham Lincoln had good advice on how to fix this: "I'm destroying my enemies by making him my friend."

Inspiration: Are you craving for revelation, elevation, vision, motivation or interest? Expectations and thoughts about your future affect your inspiration. The more you believe tomorrow, the happier you will be.

Respect: Does your life lack gratitude, recognition, courtesy, opinion, dignity or honor? Many of our organizations respect the honor. It adds joy to jobs, parent-child relationships and marriages. Bono activists, U2 conductor and Liberty Award winner DATA (Debt, AIDS, Business, Africa) – said: "Being alone, combining is great. But to respect the right to be different is


To prioritize your quest for happiness (or help with someone else), here are some tips.

Approval: This episode comes first. Your greatest source of confirmation should be Do not dwell on your negative or unwillingness, but focus on your positive strength Do not judge others or yourself As social animals, people tend to herd their response to things.

Inspiration: Get around with people who add life to you and reduce time with people who do not. Join groups with people who share your interests. yes, goals to achieve that dream. You'll feel better about your future when you're working on something positive and rewarding.

Respect: Be proud of you. Again, focus on the positive things about you, that most people do not have the same degrees, rewards and talents. Please provide these credentials. Carry yourself as one worthy of respect. Treat others with respect.

Give AIR: Giving happiness to others is a great way to get happiness again. This philosophy is from more than 2,500 years from Confucius's teachings about helping humanity to modern times Positive Psychology. Milton Hershey, founder of the Named Chocolate Empire, claimed that "one is only happy in proportion to what makes it possible for others to be happy and useful only as it contributes to his impact on a finer calling of life."

Don Do not Take AIR From Others: Do not give in to group pressure and do something offensive to accept or lower others' inspiration to feel better about ones own or curse to gain respect. It makes the other party revengeful. Happiness is often a bilateral street.


Albert Einstein said, "Psychology is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results." According to Mahatma Gandhi, "We must become the change we want to see in the world." Start a new peace factor for the new century – AIR, Congratulations. After some time, you will probably stop happily, happily, and ready to give me joy.


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