5 Motivation Killers and How to Avoid them

Motivation is the subject matter, especially as to whether there is something that can be "blame" or not. Some people think that incentives are something that can be "caught" like a virus, but others (myself) believe that motivation is something that has to start from within and for personal reasons.

What is rarely discussed with regard to motivation are those obstacles that prevent feeling truly passionate and focused on your life. The following are five incentives "murderers" – they really fire the goal of getting into your life and ways to prevent their consequences.

Motivation Killer # 1: Vagueness

Have you ever got a car without knowing where you're going to drive? Course not. The same goes for setting goals and living with passion. When you get into your car, you have a destination in mind, end point. If certain roads are closed due to buildings or in case of an accident on a particular road, you decide another route to the same destination. In life, the clearer you make your goal, the better is the chance to catch them. Having a clear destination is important not only for driving, but also for your life.

Motivation Killer # 2: Extrinsic reasoning

People who are interested outside are those who are interested in something outside of their own. Common examples are those who are interested in money, assets, compliments, what the neighbors think, etc. However, extrinsic motivation leads to a thoughtful lifestyle. What are the consequences of not getting recognition, not achieving a prestigious position within the company, not being able to afford the hottest new sports car? What happens if someone disagrees with your opinion? The answer – the lack of true, persistent passion to accomplish your goals, as well as prolonged anxiety and unhappiness.

Motivation Killer # 3: Fear of Failure

Probably the most common motivation, fear of failure rampant in society today. For an article on the subject, read the other article, "Run Towards Fear," which describes a particular plan to conquer your biggest fear. However, when the thought of the failure is intolerable or terrible, all other logical thinking is ultimately leading to the absence of any risk that is necessary for growth and improvement. How can you expect you to get if you can not stop? While it's quite normal (which means you're not alone in this matter) to fear you could not succeed, do not try to make this fuss of you. Act despite it and make a conscious decision that other things (profit, self-esteem, self-esteem) are more important than your instant fear.

Motivation Killer # 4: Inactivity

Inactivity is one of the most common methods of reducing interest and passion in life. However, it is the easiest corrected problem. Take action, all actions. The results are subject to something happening. Beware more for results than for methods. Although many have high dreams and hopes, many do not take action to implement them. I have known too many brilliant people who simply never took plenty of action in their lives and I even felt that I took too much time to think of matters completely when I should have taken action to take care of these issues instead.

Motivation Killer # 5: Lack of Knowledge

Lack of Encouragement is the final most common booster. After all, how can you be passionate about goals if you have no idea how to achieve it? The answer is to find someone who has succeeded in trying to stop. Find out your strategies and model your actions accordingly. No need to reinvest the bike here! This person serves as a model for what you want to do, and they could take a picture of a friend, friend or someone who is a public figure. If they have done what you are trying to do, all you have to do is to repeat your methods as possible with special circumstances.

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