6 things we can learn from the management and leadership apprentice

The current order of the teacher is running in the UK. For those who do not know, it's actually a group of people who do a number of business projects over 12 weeks to try and secure Alan Sugar's work for six wages. People work in teams on each project, one team wins and one person from the losing team will be fired. So what six things can we learn about management and leadership from an apprentice.

1. Emphasis on the Market

This week, teams needed to design and throw a number of new greetings to the major companies in this field. The trouble was that the teams put all of that energy into design and concept and seemed to be missing out on answering an obvious question of who would buy it. Dividends were issued like everyone, but it's pretty hard to sell to a customer group called everyone. If you are going to bring something new to the market, you need to know who it is for.

2. Listen to different views

Candidates to work are obviously highly motivated and want their ideas beyond comprehension. Sometimes sometimes in challenging circumstances, take a few minutes to understand different views rather than just talking about people. What has happened in some aspects of the current order is that some people are being trusted and emphasize aggressive and therefore not all views and ideas are fully reviewed. When you fail to listen, you are at high risk of losing a great opportunity and idea. How would you rate yourself as a manager or leader when it comes to listening?

3. Think of the Barriers to Success

Yes, we all want to be optimistic, optimistic, glass half representatives and leaders, but sometimes we need to spend a little time thinking about obstacles or barriers that hinder performance. This does not have to be long or drawn. Having identified these obstacles can be taken to address or mitigate the effects.

4. Preparation is the key

The teams were throwing to the two largest short retailers in the UK. One of the items & # 39; races spend a lot of time creating and practicing their pitch. The other teams & # 39; The presenter did not start until a few hours for the pitch. It is unexpected that the winning group sold something to all three retailers, but the less prepared team sold only one. The message and the success here is that if you are a manager and leader who need to introduce presentations, preparation is the key to success.

5. Keeping Rational

In joy, frenzy and adrenaline speed it's all too easy to forget about common sense. This was demonstrated in one of the first projects when total lobster was priced for sale at a cost per kilogram. As a manager and leader, take a few minutes to step back from the situation and ask if the decision you are making makes sense.

6. Self-awareness

As a manager and leader, you need to be self-sufficient and you also need to be voluntary. It will be things you're good at and things that others are much better than you have. Being unable to admit this led to the fact that one candidate introduced a retailer that was clearly not the right man driven. If you want to succeed as a manager and leader become self-aware and know where you boast and where others are stronger than you.

While an apprentice is obviously about entertainment, there is something serious learning that you can get as a manager and leader. So what can you learn while you're entertained?


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