A Culture Guidance

The only test of leadership is that someone follows.

~ Robert K. Greenleaf

I was 19 years of primary education for the Canadian Army and we were in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. One day we were on the 7 mile walk / run in full gear, it seemed, in the middle of nowhere. The corporal who was leading us or should I say driving ahead of us was running at a legal speed that was going on a few backs. He was a pretty cock and in good shape I decided to challenge him, so I ran up to him and passed him … you should have seen the look in his eyes as I ran by … by surprise. He reached me and passed me, and from there the race was on! For a few miles, we both led in many times. No word was spoken except words of decision and driving.

When we returned to the store, nobody was behind us. We turned and ran back to the army who was just cresting the last floor before the camp was ready. I went back to the military and expected to be impressed by taking on the corporal, only to find that the army was completely upset with me. Busy because my responsibility, when we started a walk, was to set speed for the whole group and in my blind jealousy to score the corporal, I forgot all but working. I forgot the talents of the others and thought only to be the first.

Today, twenty-five years later, I still remind you of this lesson: When you work or lead a group, real success happens when everyone finishes … and confess each other … not just one Who is in front. Yes, it's important to make your own best and be the best you can be. Just keep in mind that performance and sense of leadership are much more sweet when you help someone succeed. This is done, this person can also become an effective leader with the training as an example.

One thing, however, is that for any organization to succeed in the current business "get more done faster, better and less", everyone must be thinking about leadership. In the example above, if I had someone else in the lead position that led us that was not to make oneself look good, but wanted to trust us and make us look good, I would have decided something different. Leadership is not "it's all about me" game, it's "how can I grow people in a higher level of fitness" game.

Personal strikers show leadership by serving their employees professionally and profitablely. She assists in the decision-making process, it offers options and tips for them to consider, asks questions to get a clear picture of what she's looking for and she coaches by solving the problems and challenges they have from time to time time. People need to be safe in their position with openness to make mistakes that turn into learning opportunities. I'm sure if you ask 80% of people what you meet every day, if they have a culture of learning or leadership within their organization, then the answer will be very strong "no." In fact, I am prepared to guess they would say the opposite that they are afraid to make mistakes in the fear of getting over the blanket by a dictator who has no idea what the difference between leadership and management is, and who lives in fear of looking bad because of someone who has made a mistake and how it will look. They fear fear of eliminating mistakes, never realizing that when people are angry, they do not take risks, they do not try anything new, and do not think of new ways that the idea improves production or profits. They are actually mentally closed their performance.

Leadership is so personal to all people. What we read in the paper and see the news only scratch the surface of a deeper amount of extra leadership that is in every culture and organization. In trying to define just what leadership is, I have discovered that leadership is reflecting the values ​​of the individual, views and actions. However, there are certain qualities that are inherently in a successful leadership that all successful leaders have. They are: Confidence: The ability to make difficult decisions and enable them to stand. Propaganda: Ability to maintain high energy and focus. Motivational skills: Ability to track the team and willingness to follow. Clear vision: They have a clear picture of what is possible and can be reached from all teams involved. Follow-up: can be responsible for people. People skills: Able to make people feel like they are part of the team and make it sincerely. Communication: Can deliver messages clearly and efficiently, can see other views. Passion: Nothing worth it can ever be realized without a certain increase in passion … it's a fuel to succeed.

So, this week, leadership really does not matter to us; It is about the results we can make through the people who have been entrusted to us. It's about making them look good and doing the features that capture the view. It's not about running in front of them so they can see how fast you are, it's developing talent in your people so they want to run in front of you to show how fast they are.

Have a great day!



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