A summit from the Olympics

I admit to being honored at the Olympics. Four years of international experience is one of my favorites, especially the winter games. Is there anyone else suffering from Olympic fatigue like I am? Tired of staying too late to watch the Olympics worldwide? (I do not watch internet updates during the day so I'm actually surprised when I see who works 10-12 hours later). I love grandeur globally. I admit I'm drawn to human interest stories where athletes overcome unusual circumstances. We witness that they have conquered to do it in the games, some even make it on the podium. What I also notice is that they show excellent leadership skills on top of their sports skills.

Here are my first five league games from inspiring young Olympians:

1. Connected purpose
Olympians are special gender. Many showed a lot of interest in their sport of their choice from an early age. They seem to have an innate desire to express the purpose of sport. A connection to that purpose and concern is what drives them through shock, physical pain, high training and losing time.

2. Deep personal goals
While some long for the podium, it's enough for others who simply have the right to share the Olympic experience. Some are doing it to honor loved ones, both alive and no longer alive. What strikes me is a wide range of goals that stimulate enough to produce the kind of rigorous and painful exercises that the Olympians need. Winning bronze or silver four years ago, steered many athletes to work harder, sharpen their own edges, and train differently to make the best of the best. The size of the goal does not matter; just that it's enough to be stimulating.

3. Mental mastery issues
Watching athletes before the competition gives insight into how important spiritual games are to their performance. Many had their eyes closed and were "moving their body" through a mock song, run or program just prior to the race. Exercise through visualization is a powerful help to succeed under pressure. The main performers were centered, relaxed and breathed deeply for their research. They focused on getting into a relaxed relaxed area in the body and mind; This made all the difference between winners and losers

4. Reliability
The Olympics demonstrate the amazing power of human spirit to overcome resistance.

We have seen doctors who had lost their parents, grandmothers or siblings last year. Medalists who defeated the extinction of accidents at 80 mph in downhill slopes and nine injuries. Medalists who won Silver in Vancouver then get the gold in Sochi. All of them showed resilience; This quality bounces again no matter what.

5. Nobody does it alone
It takes a village. Not one of the competitors could have done it at the Olympics without supportive treatment. Look at the enthusiasm, passion and caring for the faces of parents, spouses and siblings. Athletes are doing their job; The support company is equally important as well.

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