ABC's Leadership – D is for duty

The report has covered many stories about CEOs and other senior executives who fail in terms of magnificent parties, unnecessary salaries, etc. When the economy shifted, other items that took advantage of administrative rights also emerged. There were also several executives who seemed unaware that certain bad practices were to occur under their so-called leadership.

It seems inevitable that a company leader is not aware of what's happening, but many are too consumed with a picture and / or emphasize too much attention to shareholders. Employees complain that they are not hearing, and that their recommendations on how to improve the organization fall on deaf ears.

An extremely successful leader should be regarded as one who listens not only, but works on what is said, even though it is not temporary that he agrees. This is easier said than done when the employee is diverse and located in several places, even overseas. So how is the leader required to deal with such bullying?

The clear vision of the company needs to be precise so everyone has a full understanding of the policy taken. A task that is accurate and easy to remember should be part of this too. This statement should be published publicly and should also be distributed to each employee ie. document card size. The most younger person to the CEO should be reminded of a constant task.

The leader should not hide in his office, but really engage with employees at all levels. This may include being on the store floor, participating in service calls, sitting in a lobby group, etc. Some of the best ideas come from people at the lowest level because they interact with customers and / or are producing products so that they are informed but managers.

A powerful leader should also "talk" and demonstrate the behavior he or she wants to see through the organization. Ask yourself when was the last time you spoke to the frontline or more younger employees. Create an environment where everyone is feeling safe enough to make suggestions? If not, why not?

Other "D" words to contemplate – deliver, diversity, driving, desire, separation and determination.


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