Applause – A Motivation

"A little noise of applause makes a magical difference than a thousand rupees note."

Motivation is a good positive push, for someone to proceed further to achieve their desires and desire. At the beginning of 80 and 90 the term Motivation was not considered higher than it was used broadly. But as time changed, people felt the magic of encouragement. It became a concept that began to be widely used in professional and personal life. Motivation is one of these terms that has a high level of explanation and little significance. It can only be explored, reviewed and collected.

Shaping – in a wider sense

The author has to come from the gate of an organization, from the date the newcomer is on the last day of the service. Motivation may be at any level of service and employment. It has no connection to your design. It is also viewed in two broad behaviors: self-motivation and praise. Self-motivation is an encouragement in which an employee gains a desire for the environment and projects undertaken or conducted in a nearby environment. It's one of the best ways to yearn the employee. As if an employee considers that his fellow is getting more attention or being awards in terms of applause, appreciation letter or money, etc. by managers and others, he automatically agrees to work in the same direction as he could gain more credibility as others are reaching.

Formulation can be done endlessly, but one should always remember that it should be done properly and properly. Often employees are encouraged to incorrect parts,
for example, as if one employee goes to work without information that usually happens and managers never react to action or do not respond to such behavior, another employee will be interested in doing the same.

Function Mode

As stated above, any mode can be prompted. As: –

Dreams are encouraging – Dreams are good impulses that you can see unlimited by someone.

Promise is an encouragement – A simple word from your boss, like VERY GOOD or GREAT WORK, is a way of highly effective motivation.

Trade is encouraging – People are encouraged to buy new content while shopping.

Love – Love is the motivation that has the greatest effect on achieving desires for your loved ones.

Success – A person gets a career to succeed so that he / she gains his / her motivation.



Often there are many ways of encouraging .

Motivation – Acceptance and Pleasure

Today, interest is also part of self-esteem, self-esteem and behavioral status.

Motivation = Self-assessment

Very often, we ask why people or animals are involved in specific or special actions (criminals, actors, companies, services, etc.)?

What is the interest behind this feature? Let me explain the answer.
Every person has his own special brain set. They want to indulge in what they believe and what they will believe in. It is generally and generally considered that your doctor will be a doctor; A lawyer son becomes a lawyer. These are rules that people generally think about others. For example, the son / daughter of doctors will get the environment in his home different than a lawyer at home. Parents want the children to accept the same profession in which they participate. Thus, interest from the environment and the environment encourages the child to conduct, act and act accordingly.

Motivation is also a major part of self-esteem. Self-confidence makes you more secure and direct in your relationships and thinking. People want to be motivated in order to increase their moral values ​​and want to make sure that others are. To boast, they encourage them to be sure to increase their self-esteem. The same applies to self-assessment.

Self-assessment is a worrying sister of self-esteem and back motivation is one of the greatest ways to reach self-certification.

For example, an analysis of choosing what you want to be?

I would like to introduce an example that describes the utility of any motivation analysis shown in the article. Most of us enjoy dressing up even without special occasions. What are your favorite dresses? Colors – black, blue, orange etc.? Jeans or pants? Shirts or T-shirts? Long or minimum skirt? etc. When we dress up according to our own desire, we get a feeling of being handsome or handsome, which makes us more self-esteem or increases self-esteem that landes us at the seventh level of heaven. The feeling of getting acquainted with known and unknown, warm compliment, being comfortable makes one point in the sky. The feeling of noticing others encourages us to do the same thing again and again as it begins to give us peace of mind and satisfaction that then strengthens our confidence and increases our self-esteem. You can also see enthusiastic, different and positive behaviors in a happy person

Motivation – understanding of success.

So how can you create a better environment for yourself and its employees? What can he do differently to encourage his employees? One very good answer is APPLAUSE. As stated above, applause is one of the best ways to motivate a person especially if it is done in front of other / other high school / known parties. As if an employee works well and his employer just visits his desk with another high authority, surprise and applaud there, in front of others, team members, imagination ……, what kind of satisfaction and credibility an employee gets. Such motivation is a compulsion for an employee to achieve / achieve his goals and goals towards his organization, which is one of the best ways to encourage others. It's a human nature and it has been proven that a person does not work for himself, he is working to show others. It is the nature of mankind that he is always hungry in hymn. They are never happy with what they get, they always want more and more. So, with the feeling of being recognized among others, is an obvious way to gain credibility and because the applause spells magic.


Before signing up, I will say that motivation is not only for rewarding employees by giving not only money but low applause sound is more powerful.

To support my article, I would like to provide a few quotes: –

o Watch the sunrise.

o People often say that interest does not last. Well, do not recover – so we recommend it daily.

O desire creates the power.

o Those who want to gain and win a title encourage themselves.

o Inspiration never goes for a long time. They demand immediate marriage during surgery.

With love and affection,


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