Are you a leader ready?

We often deal with responsibilities, responsibilities and the need to become a true, meaningful, effective, effective leader, but rarely, fully consider whether potential individuals are truly READY at the forefront! When we look at potential candidates, to determine their ability and readiness to make a difference, the better. both. the organization and the stakeholders, serve them and represent it is important to discover whether the choice is adequately prepared and could, as far as possible, be overcome by any obstacles in his way! With that in mind, this article will try to investigate, consider and discuss briefly using a mnemonic approach. Some important factors affecting historical results and services.

1. Satisfactory; Justification / Reasons; ratione; Realistic: Until / Without, Leading looks realistic about strengths and weaknesses, both, as well as his personal ones. and face-the-facts, how can he possibly expect / expect to provide appropriate leadership, which can make a significant difference in the future? One must examine his reasoning, with a prominent, objective way, to determine, regardless of his goals, the emphasis on public health, rather than a personal program and / or self-esteem! Does ratione, ring-true, those you serve and represent and how, make sure, your priorities, address their needs, goals, priorities and perceptions?

2. Religion, Credible Benefit; bring it; best / better: Trying is not enough to get the best results! Rather, everybody must demand his personal best and effort every day to perform, his previous performances and do better! How will a real leader focus his faith and will others consider his words to be credible? True leaders emphasize producing meaningful benefits, making the group stronger and more important! A leader must be able to bring it every day! Attitude Capability; Attention; with; Propose: When you are properly prepared, you get the opportunity and prepare it accordingly! This requires continued, with an authentic, positive, potential attitude, along with well-developed skills, which only helps to pay attention to the most necessary needs! True leaders must cope with the challenge and formulate encouraging and stimulating messages that focus on components!

4. Judged deeply; detected; hand over: How do you continue to deliver the best leadership for your group and stakeholders? Do you intend to have the perception, to discover the most important aspect, and deep deep, rather than take an explanation, and. Egypt easiest way?

5. You: When a person becomes ready, willing and capable of taking personal responsibility, rather than taking comfort, to blame and complain, he acknowledges that he must be direct! Remember, if you want to be a real leader, it's up to you!

Do you think READY to be in charge? What are you willing to do, to make a difference, the better?


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