Are you preventive, active or inactive?

Life is filled with choice. Everyday we are making decisions. Some options seem insignificant while others have to change lives. We can either participate in this daily choice or allow external forces to make the decisions for us.

Many of us have made conscious or subconscious choices to be preventive, responsive or inactive to make decisions. Ask yourself this: Am I generally preventive, responsive or inactive when it comes to making decisions and decisions?

Here's a preventive definition of : Control the situation by causing something to happen rather than waiting to respond to it after it happens.

Reactive is just the opposite of lasting – you've taken away the ability to choose and is now in a position to respond to what is happening around you. Inactive is similar because you have chosen to be an observer and allow others to make the decisions. In other words, you have chosen not to choose.

Let me ask you these questions:

1. When you look ahead of a decision, do you wait to see how others respond or make your own independent facts and decision making?

2. Do you make informed decisions or mostly "move on?"

3. Do you often use words and phrases like: hope, maybe, if I just wanted, could I not be sure?

4. Are you generally satisfied with the decisions you make?

5. As a child, were you encouraged and rewarded for choices and decisions you made?

Being preventive means making decisions and decisions from location. With self-control, you feel confident that you are able to make wise choices. A selective preventative decision takes a positive and productive way.

Being responsive or inactive can wreck your self-confidence and reduce your self-confidence decisions. If you're active and / or active long enough, you'll always lose control of your daily choice – you've given yourself the power to decide and choose.

If you are inconvenient to make decisions and uncertainties about your choice, start by making small decisions and choices. Take childrens until you are happy with the outcome of your choice. Begin to boast of the decisions and decisions you make. You may want to start writing a calendar of your decision making. Be proud of yourself as a power officer and wise judge. Being constantly preventive starts with one small decision and one choice at a time!


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