Are you wasting your time looking for motivation?

Want to be more motivated?

Every week I receive emails from people who tell me they want more motivation. They talk about it as there is something you can go to the store and buy: "2 kg motivation please".

Now I do not know about you but I have never seen incentives on shelves in the camp!

Some may appeal so that you can buy inspiring stories, movies and promotional courses? It's true that this can help you get motivated, they can encourage you and they can even help you to become really inspiring even in the right way!

This is because human beings are social animals; we love stories and we feed & # 39; of every other energy; so being around enthusiastic people is catching. I bet you've come across people who have read a book, or who have come back from courses full of excitement and motivation. You could even do it yourself.

What happened?

The chances are that a few weeks later they were back in their old ways!

There is nothing special about being motivated; It's simply an emotional state. I can use my NLP-anchoring skills to help people get real motivation and this can be useful in some particular circumstances.

But there is a problem with looking for motivation for your own sake.

The problem of looking for motivation for your own sake or because you think it will be yours is to get everyone motivated without having a clear goal to be motivated to accomplish is like throwing gasoline on fire – It can be quite explosive but far too quickly it burns out.

Do not let this happen!

Motivation is necessary!

It's a great feeling to be absolutely interested in working the way you want and I urge you to work on it.

But when you hear yourself say something like i just want to be interested, I do not know how to be encouraged, etc.

Stop chasing a rainbow.

Motivation is motivated! !

Ask yourself: What do I want to encourage, what do I want to achieve?

It may sound obvious to you, but motivation is a natural side effect of wanting to move from what you do not want, or to anything you want. While this is a simple distinction, many will laugh and say that it is common sense – remember that common sense is far from common practice.

Clearing your income is a much more useful first step to start preventing and emphasizing your search for incentives.

I will discuss next steps in the coming weeks; in the meantime why not let me know what you think about this article and find motivation by adding your comments below.



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