Attraction of love, health, riches and happiness

Of course, the intensity you want to achieve any of these aspects varies according to your values, bringing up and believing. But in fact, these variants have more to do with the element missing in your life rather than your values. Obviously, if you're well off the road, you'll increase your desire to get more wealth and money.

Or if you have money but lack a life or social life, you must focus on attracting a partner or increasing your friend. Maybe you have a good social life but do not feel too physical or emotional. No doubt about what you have to look for. This said, knowing that all these factors must be present in your life if you want a balanced lifestyle. Only then will you achieve complete happiness.

How can you learn what you need, so you can also be happy? This is difficult because, according to the Act of Attraction, what we emphasize will be a reality. If that means that if you lack romanticism in life, you will probably focus on this shortcoming and work readily to fill it. What happens here is that, spiritually speaking, you go into a vicious circle that requires a lot of concentration and work on your part to get out of it.

Simply emphasize the shortage, the universe gives you what you are focusing on and as the sun follows the moon and vice versa, you get the same shortcoming you're focusing on. The more you get, the more you have to focus on and then, the more you will get. Yikes!

What you need to do is to reverse the situation. Oh yes, this is difficult at first, but very feasible. And when you get hang it out, changing your focus from lack to abundance will be cinch.

So how do you turn the situation? By catching your thoughts when they come – a hundred times a day – and giving them resistance by confirming the exact opposite, like this:

So, when you think: "I do not have money" you say " I'm in the process of attracting money. " Likewise, when you think, "No one finds me" you say, "I'm in the process of attracting like mentally-friendly friends." You think: "I'm in pain" you say, "I'm getting loose." You think, "I'm bored," you say, "Life can be very exciting." And so on and so on.

Got it? So do not delay. Start attracting what you want and not what you lack.


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