Beauty – Interior and Exterior

True beauty consists of the inner and outer sides.

It's old said that "beauty is just skin deep" but to all who know more about beauty and health this is not all the truth. The true beauty of clear skin, glittering eyes and shiny hair is based on a healthy lifestyle, inner trust and only ultimately with cosmetics and creams.

The foundation of true outer beauty is the inner beauty that comes not only from a good lifestyle but the inner peace and confidence that has been achieved through experiences and downloads of life.

There are probably three vital parts of your life that help achieve this true inner beauty.


Your body consists of the food you eat. It follows that if you eat poor foods then your body and, consequently, your health will also be of poor quality. In some societies, the cause of all illnesses is considered to be food.

So if the cause is food, then the medicine is food. There are many places in the world where people live long, immune to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arthritis, dementia or heart problems. What they have in common is a quiet stress-free environment and good simple food.

It is now obvious that a comparison of the low stress environment of these people with a Western lifestyle with constant pressure to perform at work or at home and infinite slavery at the clock is impossible.

However, it is possible to take some of the key elements of their lifestyle and integrate them into your life.

Food of good quality, a lot of vegetables, nuts and fruits, organic was slow, minimizing or completely eliminating the consumption of the wrong saturated fat, the correct balance of the body between proteins and carbohydrates and minimizing the consumption of grain, everything is far to improve your health. Add this right amount of clean water every day and lay the foundation for the good health and inner beauty that every woman wants.

If you are a coffee addict, keep up to 4 cups a day and if you can drink green or black tea instead.

Meals should be quiet and low stress. If you are in a disturbed condition for meals, take a few moments to calm yourself and calm your thoughts. At least have a moment of quiet just before eating.

Try to be aware of what's going on in your mouth and chew when you chew and swallow.

There are problems that stem from eating when you are emotionally uneasy or doing something else like watching television, talking or even working on a computer. The effect of eating in this way produces pollutants in the body that reduce the benefit of the food and causes an anti-inflammatory environment that likelihood of heart disease and circulatory disorders, diabetes and poor inadequate digestion.

Internal swelling is now thought to be the foundation of many disease symptoms affecting people in western communities and eating food when distracted or emotional disturbances increase this.


One of the most important things for good health is a good night's sleep. For many women with challenging life, this can often be difficult, especially if there are young children in the family. If you can have a good night's sleep in most of your life, you understand understanding when it's impossible for children, the worries that happen with life and hormonal disorders, you'll be well ahead.

It is not a good idea to use sleeping aids for herbal remedies or related medicines. The sleep they produce is of very poor quality compared with natural sleep and health benefits are significantly reduced.

A quiet mind when you prepare for sleep is necessary, so avoid drinking drinks just before you finish work like coffee. Do not watch programs on the television that wake up or make strong feelings just before going to bed. Instead, listen to soothing, relaxing music while you have a slow hot bath.

You can not emphasize the benefits of kindness and renewal of your health.

Much of the harmful luggage that the previous day has heaped on you, both physically and mentally, is a sleep restoration. The award for a good night's sleep is waking up in the morning, refreshing and ready with enthusiasm for the day ahead. Have a glass of water first and follow with a good healthy breakfast and this will put you up for something that might prevent you from the day.


Finally but certainly not least is happiness.

When we were children, happiness came almost automatically. As adults, there are times when things are going well and we're happy, but of course there are other times when things are harder.

Surprisingly, you can choose to be happy. This may seem strange to some, but it can be done by understanding that life is a long journey, and it will be good and not so good, but if you can maintain the internal level of long-term life expectancy, happiness will support and promote you forever .

If you remember the old word that says "in every life, the rain will fall," you must understand that there will be times when happiness is a bit more difficult, though you can realize that if you can hold a complete view of your life, This will get you across peaks and valleys with equal happiness.

When things are tough, remember your blessings and keep your inner optimism, all of which will take place in time.

When things are going well, do not let yourself get too tall or excited and think that happiness will last forever and when you're going to a hard time, remember a long-standing belief that this is just a shower and will eventually pass by.

It's possible to create an inner happiness that will explain any short-term difficulties that come and go and give you an inner glow that will come to the world and support you and your beauty through your life.

There will be occasions of some event or circumstance when you feel full of negative hatred thoughts and feelings because something has happened or because someone has done something to you. This negative energy is very harmful to your inner happiness and of course your health too.

The concept of forgiveness may be some outdated, and it has a good foundation.

If you have these negative feelings inside you and you hold this negative energy and constantly confirm it by going back and forth to the event again and again and possibly hating someone who has hurt you, this creates a connection between you and the event or a person who has made the damage. It's like hurting again and again and repeating yourself and your health.

When you have forgiven, you break the link, stop the damage to repeat and give you the opportunity to get rid of negative energy within you. It protects your happiness and protects you from future damage, as you are sure that you can handle anything in the future.

If you consciously choose to get into the habit forgiven when bad experience prevents you, you are constantly building inner peace and happiness as time passes will be stronger and stronger, giving you protection from the ups and downs of live.

In addition to all the advice given, a woman will still have to take care of her external appearance. There are many products here that can help with hair and skin care.


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