Blast Happy Myth – Technique to Focus on What You Want

It is an epidemic to ask, speak and confirm for what we do not want in our world that has spread like a virus. We learned to believe when we were young. It's short and strengthened over and over, even if there are indications that it's wrong.

People who are happy and enjoying their lives do so by keeping different views and focusing on noting what is good about themselves and their lives.

Have you noticed that even when something is happening instead of being happier, do we continue to make something happen in our lives? This is because it is a common thought rather than a conscious thought.

If this is you, do not worry, you have the power to change this thinking. You just need to know how.

In order to get what you want, you need to concentrate on energy and awareness about it. The purpose of what you want means accepting what's in your life now and put all the emphasis on what you want.

Here's technology that lets you explore WANT in your life rather than wanting:

Imagine that you're the best version of yourself; You have the opportunity and ability to do everything you have dreamed of and much you have not even dared to dream.

Draw three columns on a big sheet.

For column one, write "BE", column 2, write "DO" and column 3, write "HAVE".

Now complete all the people you want to be, such as a writer, musician, etc. Then write down everything you've dreamed of doing, like running a marathon, having a child, etc. Under HAVE, write the stuff you've always dreamed of owning.

To get started, you can put down things you already have, what you've done and people you've been. Let your mind wonder and dream about all the possibilities.

Be honestly honest with yourself without limiting your abilities in the future. Remember, everyone can learn. So if you've always wanted to learn to sing or play a piano, write it down.

Imagine yourself, your very own adventurer with a magic wand on you ready to tap you gently on your head and turn yourself into a vision person you could be.

Warning alert, approaching this technology with cynicism or doubt trying to find fear. So you're human … get over it … take heart and breath … this is the first step to experiencing happiness. You have nothing to lose and everything to get so go.


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