Case Study: Identify ethics and leadership issues

Ethics has been researching for more than 2500 years, back to Socrates and Plato. While many ethics now consider establishing ethical beliefs to be values ​​that lead to the way in which it is safe, many philosophers think of ethics to be "the science group." The length of the moral code over time has changed in perception, although new scholars and experts continue to attach great importance to ethics in the company – perhaps higher value than ever before.

Ethics Code of Ethics are standards that govern the organization. These standards can apply directly to companies, or even to industry as a whole. Many organizers find a code of ethics to be the most effective way to encourage ethical planning. A leader must establish, share and support such code through his entire team.

There is a hope of ethical behavior that often represents a leadership standard. According to Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn (2000), "Ethical behavior is compatible not only with the principles but also a wider ethical code that is common to society as a whole." The social rules generally conform to the unanimous written laws, but sometimes the ethical code of the human sector can simply be invisible implants through generations of teaching and preaching.

Review of "Organizational Behavior" by Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn

As an authority, the author and researcher Hunt Schermerhorn linked the relationship between moral and amoral behavior in an ethical organization in the lead. It is very important that leaders understand that their followers must gain insight into their thinking and behaviors that they are more likely to participate in when working with others.

Summary of the Schermerhorns Synopsis

The general definition of the Schermerhorns sense was: "Ethical behavior is compatible not only with the principles but also the wider ethical code that is common to society as a whole." In one of his summaries, Schermerhorn, et al. defines "four ways of thinking about moral behavior in and after the organization" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2000).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign affairs gain its meaning from the word of utility, and when used to describe ethics, she speaks of an act of moral value. Transparent ethical philosophy is fundamentally contrary to philosophy that allows conscience to decide correctly and wrong. It also protests philosophies that determine the validity of acts on the basis of their contribution to the happiness or pleasure of their engineer. The overall outcome of this survey is often measured by the phrase "greatest good for the greatest number of people".

The Individualism View

The golden rule of moral philosophy appeared in a Judo-Christian tradition and that everyone should "love your neighbor like yourself." This philosophical tenant's philosophy is that an individual should be as human as possible and never harm others with unwanted actions. An explanation of individual views, the Christian doctrines made by all men in the image and likeness of God provide justification for protecting and enhancing human dignity. It has been told by various authorities that "being a good person must take morally seriously" (Hausman & McPherson, 1993).

Ethical Rights

Absolute moral law was a philosophy that emphasizes that it is a cruel moral duty that desires an individual desire to create a humanitarian society based on reason. This theory claims that justice is never wrong and must be fulfilled under any circumstances. Consistency is the key, and when guidance is determined for action or an idea, always use all behaviors and attitudes accordingly.

It was in the late 1970s that thought of ethics that did not deliver them to business. It was proven over time that "business economics served the necessary social and commercial actions" and with this practice, the public has considered embroidered, developed and significantly integrated business ethics in the majority of companies (DeGeorge, 2000).

The Justice View

This philosophy was developed to give a different perspective and was also referred to as veil ignorance. Under this perspective, all are equal; Therefore, no category of people is entitled to individual advantages over others. It usually emphasizes the importance of moral arguments, especially in political thinking.

Relationship to My Organization's Ethical Code to View Schermerhorn

My Organization's Code of Ethics addresses moral entrepreneurship that tends to produce good results. This belief is more consistent with the Moral Rights perspective, published by popular author John R. Schermerhorn, et al., Authority of Ethics and Ethical Behavior.

Similarly, as business managers today manage diversity, not only because it creates good business as strategic importance, but also because it also deals with legal and moral issues (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2000) .

I believe the Code of Ethics is subscribed to Special Moral Rights, because issues related to the moral rights and obligations of the company, its contractor and its shareholders are the driving forces that "ensure quality delivery of products and services to warfighter."

Responsibility and Privilege of Leaders

Leaders will often have special relationships with groups of assistants and subordinates, who receive great responsibility and access to resources. Symptoms in the group are often sympathy, patience, sensitivity and responsibility. Staff in the group work harder, places more emphasis on project goals and shares more administrative actions. Instead, they are expected to be fully committed and assure their leaders. They are mostly regarded as trusting leaders' organizations.

Leadership influences vision, organizational efficiency and policy. Test and comparison of key aspects of Leader-Member Exchange (LME) Theory of Virtual Leaders & # 39; responsibility and privilege – their use, power and authority – which gave the opportunity to think carefully and thoroughly about leadership.

"Changes in demographic demographics make diversity an effective key to organizations." The prerequisites of this study are that leadership-especially, inclusive form leadership – is important to deal with diverse human capital. to develop a pleasant working environment, the findings of this study indicate that inclusive leaders can also help the bottom "(Nishii & Mayer, 2009).

Prospective Ethical Decision Making Process

The Guidance Guide can start by sharing a vision and strategy policies can focus on changing areas, such as changing code code, or working environment can begin a cultural change that can introduce ethical philosophy in the image. Events regularly affect the decision-making process of the US Planning Minister today. As leaders deal with the crisis regularly they practice ethical and moral decision-making and assess the needs of employees, customers, stakeholders, shareholders, and even society.

Discussion of Sexual Leadership

Women-leaders as leaders are at the top 22. Most government is You are bound by the very diversity, ethics and gender issues that the leader must respond to and deal with. Therefore, the most commonly reported studies are the findings of their research that show that male and female leaders are equally effective. However, women are more likely to be pre-selected as leaders and followers often evaluate the same leaders behavior of men higher than women (Kolb, J. 1997, p. 504).

Regardless of scientists and # 39; support or opposition to gender connections in organizational development, but sexual orientation continues to affect planning and organizational leaders must participate in organizational growth. Leaders can help to increase sex sensitivity within their businesses. Planning leaders must assess their environment and be aware of developments that affect ever-changing gender concerns.

Brief discussion of culture

Leaders need to deal with two main cultural aspects of daily: organizational and cultural diversity. To apply "multimodal evaluation" (Ruiz-Palomino & Martínez-Cañas, 2014) and carefully adopting methods for managing these types of culture is an important place in day work. Organizational structure is a joint force that strongly determines the organization of organizations and is the total overall plan. With more and more organizations going globally, cultural diversity is rapidly becoming commonplace in most organizations.

Possible Gender Abilities May Be In Successful Leadership

Many of the traditional ways of talking and thinking about leadership can continue to cover the strength of women coming to success as leaders. The results of some studies show that with or without early care, women have achieved remarkable results in the relevant areas. What matters to keep in the lead is that there are leaders & # 39; own perseverance and optimism that play an important role in their success – all other visits, especially visible, are secondary and usually irrelevant.


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