Commitment – Self-help Secrets to self-esteem, motivation and success

Success and self-esteem requires self-motivation to leave comfort, go through fear, walk in faith, learn how to deal with adversity and stress, overcome self-esteem, focus on, develop new skills, and and on ..

Given all that is needed to achieve the highest level of sustainability and success, it will not happen if you are not committed at the beginning of your journey and in each step of the journey.

Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man, managed to climb Mount Everest, saying: "Commitment is the first step, and everything else goes on." Let's look at what he means and how it relates to your interests, achievements, and self-esteem.

Imagine and I go for a walk every morning along the banks of the river. Every day we enjoy the beauty and serenity of running water and a cool breeze when we marble through the leaves that fall in the season before.

Week by and one day, you and I commit to crossing the river. We're going the same way we've taken a couple of months. As we walked, beauty and spirit are all there, but all our experience has suddenly changed due to our commitments. Our conversation is unlike what we have before.

You point a rock in the river and say, "Bill, maybe we can go out to the rock and climb up and fall over a tree." Then I say, "Yes, and from there we can get it flat rock, swim to the aforementioned branches and use it to drag us to afar."

Then you suddenly say, "But wait, out there. See where the river narrows down? Maybe it would make it easier …"

We're not sure about the side of a river we've never seen before. For months, we did not care how close the rock might be to the fallen tree, but today all the information. The fallen trees and stones have suddenly become stepping stones for crossing the river! Is not that interesting? The river has not changed one iota. You and I have not changed either. The trees and cliffs are the same, but our own experience of walking along the river has been transformed.

The only difference between our walk today and our past walks is that we decided to end up in another place on this day, making us an obligation to get there.

Our commitment to crossing the river has transformed our experience into a venture for success and self-esteem. Our commitment gives us the motivation, focus and ability to notice and work on relevant information to achieve our goals.

Just as the relationship with the river is transformed by your commitment, the relationship can be changed when you do the same.

The school never taught us the importance or the power to commit ourselves to care for things in a way that creates new energy and new opportunities. Life would be very different if the only thing in the middle of the road was a yellow line and a dead pad. The magic of success, self improvement and motivation happens when you stand for something. Unusual achievements occur when you have committed an obligation.

The favorite definition of commitments is – What you said you would do long after what you said it has passed.

Being committed to doing something or simply participating in it are two very different ways to bring you the life you lead and their results are also significantly different. When you consider how different relationships will appear, depending on whether you have someone or committed to them, start understanding the significant benefits that a commitment gives you to succeed. Commitment creates encouragement for success and self-esteem, long after you were first inspired to be, do, have, and experience more.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln: "Always keeping in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing."

When you commit yourself, you make such a solution with yourself. What are you doing to succeed or succeed, but motivation and progress to success and self-esteem indicate that you get rid of yourself? Indulge your commitment … and watch what happens.


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