Deckplate Leadership

My first two years in the fleet were less than productive. As a young 18 year old I was loud, selfless, and thought that many things were funny my instructors did not. However, I was also smart, enthusiastic and motivated – but I asked a lot of questions and would know "why?" of what we were doing. This was not very popular with the crowd I was working for. Most of them had grown up in the fleet during the Vietnam War and were not used to any punk kid to ask why. My job was to do. My job was to take orders. I knew this but still wanted to know why it was we did things like we did. Due to lack of "connection" with my supervisors, I was transferred from department to department because nobody wanted this "child" to work for them. My ethnicity suffered, my productivity became and I was on my way out of the organization. It was until Denny Higgins, chief executive officer, checked on board. Denny was "Deckplate Leader." He took the challenge of preparing a young sailor for future success. He was sometimes tricky, pushed me to my limits and always kept the integrity needed to ensure and maintain my trust. He was a turning point in my career and proved to be an incentive for other successes that I could achieve. Are you president Here are the words:

They Know Himself

Leadership leaders know what makes their own machines work. They have a clear view of where they are going, how they fit in and what value they can provide to others. This is not a coincidence. Deckplate leaders reflect an objective part of what has been working, what has not been working and how to improve it. Chief Higgins knew what his machine was working and he stood firm in his force. His actions shape honesty, self-esteem and willingness to connect as people against mentor and subordinate. He had nothing to prove by barking orders, he knew who he was and it showed in everything he did.

They Know Their People

Leadership leaders are not afraid to become dirty. When there is a job that needs to be done, they resemble how. When you work with your people as a teacher, you will learn to know them. You learn what motivates them, what motivates them, what scares them and how the machine works. Most importantly, you build a charter of trust. Covenant that says, no matter what I've got you. Chief Higgins worked next to me and showed how to utilize the talent I had and pushed me to explore new possibilities. This could not be done from behind the desktop. Deckplate leaders jump in with gusto, serve the team and build that treaty.

They know the situation

For the department, department or for the entire organization, Deckplate leaders know how the teams fit. They keep communication channels open at all levels – let others and their team know about the value they provide to accomplish the project. For Chief Higgins, I went through recommendations to do what I needed to do to get work and operate with minimal efficiency and efficiency. After his arrival, I knew how I helped so many others. It was not a human job – it was an important job. My work was something that had to be done so that others could build on it and do their share. It encouraged me to work smarter, harder and perform at my best – every time. This was not a coincidence, it was his deliberate effort to connect with my work and it worked!

Are you the leader of the deckplate? Do these three descriptions do you? No matter where we fall into the wheel of the organization, everyone can benefit from Deckplate leadership. You do not need an imaginary title, position or office to do it. All you need is a thinking spirit, want to serve others and your willingness to help the team move to the next level of creativity, productivity and participation. As I said, Chief Higgins was a turning point in my career. Without him, I would not have stayed in the Navy and I would not have served others in the capacity I did. Do not hesitate to be a deck deck leader, there's someone out there who thinks you're getting up today.


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