Define happiness

Although I grew up, I thought of my life being filled with excitement and adventure and of course completely happy. Part of my imagination, my life is full of adrenaline rush though not always with positive stimulation. Over the years, I've found that "happiness is just a relative. You know what the old words say" Happiness is where you find it, not where you seek it. "I've learned to find happiness at all the little things in my life and the happiness of the people around me.

I have redefined happiness for myself, beginning to take my child as my inspiration. As parents, we teach a lot of things to our children, but there is much we can learn instead of them. While their seamless contributions often contribute to making them easily happy, this easy-to-lucky little thing is precious quality that we can enjoy adult adults. It's nothing too little to give us a lot of joy. My son believes that his happiest moment is when I play his favorite baseball game with him. Beaming his smile and twinkle in his eyes are enough to make a happy one.

Happiness has become a state of mind between the wisdom of life. It's these moments that have made me happy and helped me balance joy and sorrow. Only when we go through the hills and hills we can thank happiness for what it is. So let's work to find our happiness.


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