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Lord Jesus, after he had chosen and trained the Twelve Apostles, taught them to wait for divine coup. You will notice that their Christian leadership development was not only confined to training, but they also required the divine authority that Jesus commanded them to endure. It is written, "And, behold, I will send my Father's promise to you, but be in Jerusalem, until you have power from high (Luke 24:49, KJV). There is &

When the Persian King of Cyprus published a few of Jews in prison to return to Jerusalem under Sheshbazzer, the chosen leader when his Spirit was Lord. When they came to Jerusalem, they began to rebuild the temple. In a year after a change in leadership, Serubabel bought into the governor's office who was the descendant of David.

During this period, God's people became spiritually lazy and weak, although they had time and money to build a glorified house. See Haggai 1: 1-6. Divine Commandments came upon Haggai and Zechariah for prophecy with leaders and members of E people to stir divine hunger in their hearts. In the New Testament, Christian leadership development was introduced by divine authority in upper rooms. 659002] Three Important Factors of Divine Authority

1. Divine Commandment is Maximal with Spiritual Hunger

When people are hungry for the Lord, for supernatural, they are ready to sacrifice time , resources and energy to achieve this goal. About a hundred and twenty people continued to the upper room for ten days to be full of the Holy Ghost, Jesus Christ in glorious nature.

I am afraid that we are no longer hungry for divine authority, but for forms, rituals, ordinances and wicked substitutions.

• This increases our challenges
• Our mountains become mountains
• Our spiritual power spends every day.

2. Divine Presidential Prophecies Prophecy Proposals

The Church is in this state today because of the lack of prophecy gifts. There are more entertainers than we can use, but no true prophecies and prophecies. We need prophecies and prophecies with divine authority.

We need to hear the word, you can do it; you can live for God; you can carry this mountain, not by your power or power, but by the Spirit of God. Serubabel, governor and Joshua priest were revived as the prophecies were published in the lives of the people.

3. Divine mandate is the machine that drives our spiritual activities.

Without the continuing flow of the Holy Ghost in the lives of Christians, the spiritual momentum is transient. The Bible says, "And in that day shall his burden be shaken off his shoulders, and his oracular neck, and shall be destroyed because of anointing" (Isaiah 10:27, KJV).

Our world needs divine authority, let us rise and build the wall of our spiritual defense and violations that rely on the anointing of the Holy Ghost.


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