Employee motivation program

Formation of the Backbone of the Company

These myths are:

a) Only you can encourage the employees: This is a very wrong concept as it is very important that the employees try to be motivated by themselves. However, you can provide them with the right environment.

b) Money is the most important motivation: Money is undoubtedly a good motivation, but it is not the most important thing. Each person needs another type of motivation and you need to understand it.

c) Apply the same motivation idea for all employees: Do not think what motivates you, encourage other employees too. As everyone does not have the same mind, they do not encourage the same thing.

d) Job satisfaction is equivalent to increased career: It is not that increased job satisfaction will also increase career. If the objectives of the organization conflict with the goals of employees & # 39; then labor will be hampered.

e) Fear is a good motivation: Fear may be encouragement, but it's not necessarily the best. It acts as an incentive for a very short period of time.

There are also some basic issues that you need to remember before focusing on VET. These are:

1) Be motivated first and encourage others: You should be the first to become interested before thinking about encouraging others. If you do not like your work then you think nobody else likes it too. So, trying to be enthusiastic about your work can only encourage others.

2) Fulfill the objectives of the organization with employee goals: It is very important that the employees' goals comply with the organization's objectives. As an employer, you should know what you want from employees and you should clearly advise employees about the same.

3) Understanding Every Employee: People Are Interested In Different Things And Therefore Before You Start Incentive You should investigate and know what encourages an individual employee.

4) Support Vocational Training Using Policies and Procedures: Do not just believe the company's good business but try to encourage employees by reviewing policies such as good remuneration, employee assessment, and other appointments.

Based on these points, you should continue your vocational education. Some programs that can be practiced include:

1) Monthly wage: This is a popular motivation program where a person who has been outstanding in a month is chosen and awarded by management. The prize may include a rise in perks, a small gift or a picture of an employee.

2) Competition between different teams to complete projects faster: In this incentive program, prize groups are given and this helps build team-building, and then encourage employees at the same time

3) Customer Review Program: Sum companies ask their customers to review the performance of the representative and on the basis of these visitors, the best performer is awarded the prize.

These incentive plans have certainly been successful in encouraging and retaining their employees, as they are based solely on the personal performance of the individuals.


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