Fear of motivation – how to use fear to motivate

The media continue to feature it in their advertisements and story-telling. Politicians love it and use it often. And the army is aware of its stimulating power to mobilize the soldiers. I'm of course referring to FEAR. Fear is guaranteed to encourage. That (fear) is an even bigger driver than we would take care to acknowledge. Fear of losing our job, fear of death, fearing to be alone, fearing change and the list continues and again – and more. This fear is part of everyday life for most of us. And & # 39; experts & # 39; Tell us that this situation is getting worse in difficult times as we walked through the moment.

Whether you are marketing, selling or managing, there are three safe ways to take advantage of fear.

1. Gospel Communication in Bad Times by Reviewing Negative Reviews. What your situation or the situation is, reframing is essential skills. People will always be in trouble, and when time is strong, people tend to see things in a negative (doom-and-dark, if you want). You can help by providing solutions. The car industry found, for example, that people wanted safer cars but did not know how specifically they could achieve it. Air bags and other security projects became industry responses. Little wonder that the solution is selling & # 39; has become an effective sales plan.

2. Be practical (as opposed to back-in-the-sky). In the current environment, it's smart & # 39; to save money and seek out everything at a discount. Each range, add practical dimensions to the alignment – even if it costs a little extra. Consumers, for example, will be willing to pay a little extra for a product that will outlast cheaper choices. & # 39; Quality & # 39; is expected and expected.

3. Eliminate fear. It is worth keeping in mind that some of the world's durable retail products were created in severe depression. Microsoft and Disney were launched in a recession. Rarely is the time "right" and "# 39; to start a new business, and even if timing is important, the challenge is to turn a threat to opportunity. Successful dealers have used a risk transfer to ensure sales. Fear elimination is a new challenge for sales sales professionals, managers, marketers, and you too.

When used with authority, fear can be effective motivation. And the better you know the personal circumstances of the individual and what it is / it's really fear, the more focused your approach and successful results.


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