Finding happiness after abandoning abuse

It's hard to leave abuses, but being alone can get worse. All of your happy friends are still willingly married, and here you are suddenly alone. There is a lot of adaptation. Although you have conquered by getting out of bad situations, it is often the underlying understanding of failure. There is great pressure to be a couple in this community.

When I was alone, the worst part was not loneliness. There were observations from people who wanted to know when I was finally going to "get married" and aunt's notifications that I was not getting younger. The worst comment came after I had broken up with a man who did not know when he said he was going to finish me so my ears called and crave a glass of wine in the face. A college kind told me I could not possibly leave without him. "You think you were happy, but you are very happy with a boyfriend," she said.

It's this attitude, which even lasts in 2005, which drives women to date insufficient men and put up with ridiculous behavior. It makes it tempting to pick up the phone and ask a fellow guy if he has plans on Friday night, rather than face an evening dinner that has been with Dad.

Maybe you like to meet someone new, but the idea of ​​dating makes you nervous. You definitely do not want to end up with another abuse. Women tend to attract the same type of person over and over, unless they take steps to do otherwise.

It was my story, anyway. After seeing a few people who were conspicuous from emotionally distant, I decided it was time to quit dating. I would be my own boyfriend. I began to treat myself to the way the boyish man in the world would. The results were great. Two months later, I started my first healthy relationship with a person. I never fell in love with him, even though I broke it off. Then the man who would become my husband entered the movie and started the most fulfilling relationship I have ever known. What's more, it's an easy relationship: no drama, no fear and no thought. We have been happy married for 12 years.

You can also be healthy and fulfill an affair. But you have to do internal work first. Here's how to go:

1. Believe you're capable of it.
If all of your relationships have been unhealthy you could not believe you're well. Perhaps you do not even know what happy and mutual support is. Find the pen and paper right this minute and write down the qualities that your perfect person would acquire (hint: he's loving, honest, faithful, gentle and so on). Now write down how you find in touch with such a person (peaceful, content, happy, excited and so on). Always keep this list with you. Drop them on for a moment, sometimes in the ladies & # 39; room at work. It is especially useful to read them – and feel the feelings they come up – for at least 30 days. Do this when you drop to sleep at night and before putting your feet on the floor in the morning. Your subconscious mind will go to work on drawing a person with these qualities to you. It may sound like a hocus-pocus, but it works.

2. Know that you are treasure still to be discovered.
Make a list of your own outstanding features. Keep in mind all the important compliments you've ever received. Recognize that you have a healthy relationship. Understand that you are worthy of love, respect, tenderness and anything else that is missing – or inconsistencies in your previous relationship. Many of us have been raised to think that it fell to dwell on our good qualities, but if you do not feel like your own worth, you can not catch a man who will give you the love you deserve. It is important that you have access to your own feelings due to insufficient before you date back, or you are bound to complete your ex in another body.

3. Do all that you put while you were with Mr..
Now it's time to do everything your ex-husband left you, whether it means going to a museum or eating at a particular restaurant. Perhaps you have dreamed of a vacation in Malta, but your former continued fishing every year. If you can afford it, pencil for some time and go for it – yourself. After I decided to be my best boyfriend, I took to San Francisco for four days. I book a room in a B & B instead of a hotel because I am shy; communal breakfast forced me to talk to other people. As a result, I went to the perspective of a dance designer from South Africa. I used some meals with Londoner who killed his furniture to travel around the world. When I got home to New York, I had a whole new view. I felt competent, powerful and independent. Traveling by myself had a significant impact on my subsequent relationships with men; I was no longer willing to take anything less than the best treatment from them.

4. See a film yourself.
My friend's friend's friend once told me: "You're not an adult until you've seen a movie yourself." After my last rat relationship, I took me to see "Rain Man." Yes, some less informed jerks saw me pityingly, but I did not care. I walked out of the theater, even though the picture was overrated. I started going to the private shows at the movies once a week, and it was absolutely free. I did not have to prevent anyone from any movie to see, and I really enjoyed my own business. I started to find that I could do what I wanted.

5. Buy yourself flowers.
Once a week, choose a cheap bouquet from the corner guard. Stop making excuses. Stop saying you can not afford that you should spend your money on something practical and just buy it. Take it home and put it in one of the empty pockets you have left. The flowers will inspire you every time you see them. They will make you feel dear.

6. Go out with your old friends.
It's nothing like the evening with the girls. If you've been able to close your friends while you had what-his-name, you can be apologized. Then take care and never let the person get between you and your friends again. Then go out and have a blast. Do it often! You deserve it.

7. Enjoy your enjoyment.
Talk to yourself as if you would love a baby. You would not say a little, "You are so stupid," or "You are fat," so stop such things yourself. Talk to yourself – and enjoy yourself – like a perfect soul that grows every day. A child does not come into the world with the ability to speak, but it eventually learns. Doing something great every opportunity you get. It does not cost you money. Let go of the fine and eat lunch in the yard instead of tying yourself to your table. Take a walk in the evening and discover other parts of the town. Make what works best. If you tend to eat delivery because you do not like "cooking for one," it's time to impress the most important person in your life. Cook something simple and delicious. Put the table (do not stand over the stove and eat out of the pot) and serve it in China's best. Enjoy it with a glass of delicious wine you can afford.

8. Take a class or join the club.
Yes, yes, you've heard it before it matters. Everyone has special interest and it's time to explore yours. You will develop trust, meet new people and last but not least, come out of the house regularly. When my friend Brian found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him for 15 years, he packed up his stuff and listened to sad music for two weeks. Then he moved on. His hobbies are cooking and outdoor activities, so he joined the cooking class and joined hikers & # 39; Club. He made friends through both of the activities and before he invited them home for dinner. One night, a friend came with a female friend with, and Joe fell in love with her. They married two years ago.

9. Date carefully.
After being your boyfriend for a while, you might want to contact a man again. (Or maybe not.) When you are out of date, ask yourself if it has any of your previous features. The abusers are rare at the start, but they indicate evidence that they are not a good boyfriend. Check carefully. Never make excuses for bad behavior. Ask yourself if the boy is a kind of person you want your daughter to marry (whether you are single or not). If the answer is no, give it a slip. Keep your own boyfriend until the right fellow appears. Sometimes he will.

Make time to develop a love relationship with yourself, and the bad boys you once felt irresistible will no longer appeal to you. You must magnetize gentle, fun, rebels, faithful men, and you will also be attracted to them for change. Before you know, find out about your dreams. I did it, and you can.


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