Five basic needs, motivation and explanation

Do you know what person needs so we can live? What encourages us the most? Why do we make certain things? What are the key things that move us towards what we want? We will understand this more when we learn about the basic human needs.

The most common theory of humanity's needs is perhaps the theory suggested by Abraham Harold Maslow, 1908-1970, an American psychologist and philosopher. His theory of theory is known as the name of automated theory of psychology. The theory opened a new era of psychotherapy. The theory strongly suggests that the goal of psychotherapy should be the integration of "the self".

According to Encyclopedia Britanica, Maslow studied psychology at the University of Wisconsin and Gestalt psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York City. He later joined the College of Brooklyn College in 1937. In 1951, he became Head of Psychology Department at Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts), where he continued until 1969. The impact of the philosophical and literary computerism's existence was Maslow's important contribution to humanitarian psychology, which is sometimes called "third value".

Maslow claimed his work, "Motivation and Personality", that each individual has hierarchy needs that need to be satisfied. Needs are physiological needs, safety needs, charity needs, self-esteem and need for self-esteem. All five needs can be explained as follows:

1 Physiological Need: One needs food, shelter, sex, heat, water, air and cloth. These fundamentals are generally known to be necessary to be alive. There will be no progress in other areas of life if these needs are not yet met.

2 Security Need: Mankind wants security in life. He wants to be safe from all dangers and wants to make sure he can continue his life without any uncertainty.

3 Love and Relationship Need: One wants to be loved and want to be connected to others. We can not live alone and need to be recognized by our love. The need for love is so strong that it is the main subject of nature in youth and it is the main element that shapes human life in psychological theories.

4 Self-esteem: This need is considered to be an internal fulfillment. One wants to know that he is important. In addition, he wants to perceive importance with himself. Therefore, it is called "self esteem".

5 Automation Need: The highest need requires a person to understand himself and see his value in himself. He tries to find himself through his faith and spiritual guidance. This is the area that is most important in human life.

The first two stages are more on the physical side. Later three are more emotional. As every need is satisfied, the next higher level reaches the emotional hierarchy of conscious activity. Maslow believed that truly healthy people were more confident because they met the highest psychological needs, fully integrating the participants of their personality. The area can have the strongest motivation if used correctly. Understanding the hierarchy of need can help us to know how to use correct motivation methods for ourselves and others.

Motivation is a complex subject that covers almost all areas of psychology. No theory can explain everything we know about the motivation process. Some reasons such as hunger, thirst and sex seem best to be understood from a biological point of view. Other reasons seem to be lessons, and such incentives help to take into account diversity and complex human activities. Yet another effect is on the effects of the cognitive processes we participate in. Our interpretation of events around us affects our vision.

Show us meets all of the above need enables us to approach what we want in life. This will attract the circumstances and attributes we need. Visualization will make our performance more possible and much easier according to the Act of Attraction.


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