Formal Summit – Simple and complete idea

Much has been written about the personality characteristics of leaders; and while leaders show a wide range of symptoms, they are the symptoms that are common to all leaders such as …

  • Successful leaders have achieved good results in self-control.
  • Leaders continue to grow and develop.
  • Successful leaders have taken the time to determine; where they are going and where they stand.
  • They know where they take the agency and believe they're going to get there.

Leadership is situational.

Active leaders respond appropriately to the needs of each state and more importantly to the needs and aspirations of all those involved. The leader is by nature, many for many.

Leader, if you see it, will you know that?

True leaders are very easy to know, they are the ones that always seem to be mostly apparent with obvious ease; They have awesome skills to get others to get more than they thought possible.

Power and government Different or the same?

In order to gain a better understanding of leadership, you must be aware of the meaning that can be attributed to each of the above terms as it relates to leadership. Power can be defined as the ability to act in a way that affects others' behavior; while the Authority speaks of contractual rights that belong to the position it may hold.

Power and power, what is your management method?

It is completely capable of having power, but not having power, and having power without authority. Simply put those that you influence the strength from; power is gained; it is licensed to be creative, innovative and responsive to the needs of those who will assist in achieving goals and goals. On the other hand, power only defines the restrictions and actions that you have contractual right to use; It (authority) is usually provided by an organization in an attempt to control and control. Anyone who abuse power reduces his power and ability to influence and lead it to others; In contrast, a leader who has power, uses only the power as the last resort to achieve goals and goals.

Leadership is to establish open relationships with others, based on shared commitment towards common goals, fostered through cooperation, not constraint.


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