Happiness – 3 keys to be happy

Happiness is something that is great when experienced but can be very quickly. If you're like me, I hate being dissatisfied. Over the years I have learned a few keys to help me be happy that I thought you might want to know. Here are 3 of those keys.

1. Achieve your happiness.

The first place you need to find happiness is in yourself. If you do not feel lucky in you, you're just asking for roller coaster feelings. You see, everything in your life is subject to change. If you find all your happiness in other things, what happens when circumstances change and you no longer feel happy with them?

2. Stay in good times.

Unfortunately, there are times in your life when you go through difficult times. You can not believe this but you can still be happy even when the time is getting tired. Do not always focus on the current problem. Remind yourself of the great things that have happened and know you'll soon have them back.

3. Choose to be happy.

You have a choice when or not to be happy. You have not controlled some of your life's circumstances, but you have the ability to control how you respond to this situation. When it comes down to it, a happy choice, just take the decision to be happy. After all, the other options you have is to be sad, depressed, angry, upset and the list can go on. I do not know about you but choosing to be happy sounds better than other choices.


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