Happiness and music

Music can change your mood and move you to a happier place or vice versa. Because some types of music roar violence and aggression, I found myself muscle tests to show them how their choice of music affects them.

When I test my muscle, I get feedback straight from the person's spirit. This information may not be possible. And what I constantly find is that some types of music really make a weak person while other types of music reinforce them. The greater the significance of this information is that you can change your mental or physical condition simply by listening to different types of music.

Think about watching a movie. I personally listen to the music for evidence of something terrible to happen. I do not like the awesome scenes. I notice when a certain sound comes up, my body changes. I feel scared of what I can see – even if I hide my eyes or look away. And I'm not particularly careful about how my body feels when my mind sends this message to my body.

Yikes! Just watching a movie can put you in a fight or flight – physically. Since your subconscious can not tell the difference between what you imagine and what you actually experience, you say you are living who experiences them right. So the body responds physically as if it were the actual event of this event.

Music has an equally amazing effect that creates health and happiness. The infamous pianist, Arthur Rubenstein, was told to wake up, in later years, with his fingers all gnarled and painful. Then he sat down on the piano and started playing. After a few minutes his fingers finger and the massaged keys to create the same beautiful sound that he played years before.

Music is used in all kinds of physical and emotional treatment. It's a language all its own. Record something that makes noise you can call music. Notice how you feel when you play your device. Your happiness will go up – unless you decide to judge how well you play and make you feel insufficient.

Play music for fun or do something else.


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