Happiness – Be happy now and forever 2 simple tips

I listened to the radio today and heard some laws that made me think of the meaning of happiness.

I thought I would share two simple tips that came from this act – it can make everyone happy if they listen to them.

You do not have to listen to the songs, but understand their understanding and you will be happy now and forever.

Check out these 2 tips and blessings of happiness that we can all enjoy in life.

1. Happiness is a choice

The first point to make is happiness is a choice in life – you are not born happy, as you are not born sad.

Happiness is a choice we can all do and it's all about having a right attitude.

The first song is a little known English comedian and singer Ken Dodd – simply called "happiness".
Some words go like this:

"Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift I have, thank you Lord for happiness"
We should all thank God.

Happiness is not just a word as it's a feature we're all born with and we should all use it – there you're just reaching and happiness is yours.

We just need to get the right mindset and we can be happy now and forever.
The moment it's important to understand if you're achieving the real happiness that leads me to the next song.

2. Be pleased, though.

Everything that life can throw on you brings me to the next song with Bobby McFerrin called "Do not worry to be happy." The poem I look is

"Here's a small song I wrote

Have not worry, be happy
in every life we ​​have some trouble
When you're worried, double it.

We have all the problems in life and we all look at adversity in some forms or forms – but that's how we look at these issues that are important for happiness.

Many people constantly compare to those who are better or have more luck in life than those and be sad with envy.

On the other hand, others are taking the keys and adversity in their steps and learning from them and taking positive.

Most people think of people better than them but look at it differently – there are probably millions ir or even billions of people worse than you.

People are hungry, people are sick, people have abused their human rights, but believe it or not, many of these people are happier than others who have much more than their lives.

A good example of somebody we all know who had everything and changed his life when he was parallel to the waste, was actor Christopher Reeve.

Did he know he's sorry?

No, he did not!

He devoted his life to helping others, vowing to walk back and inspired all who came into contact with him.

While losing his skills to walk, he was still pleased with other aspects of life, including the work he could do and the love and support he received from family and friends.

So do you want to be happy or sad? It's Your Choice:

"When You Worry

Your Face Will Rise

And It Will Come All Down

So do not worry, be happy (now) ….. [19659002] God gave us a gift of happiness and it is us if we do it or not, because happiness is so simple.


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