Happiness – Family

If you're lucky to have a good relationship with most of your family, you should feel like winning a lottery. Families provide social and emotional support that you can not get from others. We trust them on financial support and advice from everything from cooking to raising the children. It's nothing better than sharing your fond memories of the past and making plans for the future with your family.

Poisoned relationships can hurt emotionally. For example, I believe that my only lover friend has a constant emptiness inside because she does not have a good relationship with her sister. I could never imagine being close to my sister, she is my best friend in life. The family does not have to connect to the blood. I count my good friends as part of my family because they are always there for me in good and bad times.

Recent surveys show that changes in happiness levels are tied to family relationships rather than changes in income. This seems to be contradictory to what most people tend to do – put work ahead of family well-being. I have seen too often these family reality TV shows, because one parent works too much and because the children are unruly. In just 22 minutes (without ads) all issues are resolved.

There are several ways to keep family letters strong. Show some gratitude, especially this weekend when everyone comes together. Often these times can be annoying, but it is important to show unconventional love. If a family member is disappointed with you in the past by not doing the right thing, just drop it. This will not only benefit you, it will also create a more peaceful environment for everyone else. Be good to others; It will make you feel good and rub yourself on others.


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