Happiness – how to be happy

I recently discovered the difference between being happy and being happy. How did I do after creating 58 years on this planet? The simple answer I'm never enjoying anyone who was happy before now.

When you teach people to love others, you first need to love yourself because you can not give what you have not. And can not do what you do not know . I'm not talking about something about something, You can know about anything by reading books or searching online or finding videos on YouTube to explain anything .

But you can not live anything until you know it – until you find it, live it and breathe it. As a result, since I never really knew it was such a joy, I could not even about have a happy home before.

I made a new friend a year ago. At first, I thought she was very different – until I realized I missed how free she found all the time. No matter where we left, I noticed that my friend was completely free to be himself.

I'm not saying she's always inappropriate, loud, abnormal or rude. I'm saying she shares what she thinks and thinks – and always respects it. Even with all her right decorum, she stands out of everyone else in the room for who she is – pure joy.

This friend finds something to celebrate since I have not seen it. She is more than happy. She is extremely happy in a lively quiet way.

Wow! How do I explain this? My friend explained it to me so I could do that too and now I share the secret with you. She told me to "get into it." This is it. All the secrets of joy in it.

She taught me to stop thinking with my head and thinking about my heart instead.

Think with my heart? Now, this is a new way to stay – and it's very good.

Take the old thinking process and see if it suits you. When you look at what you need to do and figure out today, turn off the dilution of left brain diagnostics? Adjust to the right brain sensation center and find out what the situation is. Just do it and you will understand what words can not really express.

I wish you a joy in every new adventure that begins now.


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