Happiness is not an option

Now it's a very strong statement coming from a coach / mentor, you could say. I agree. And then I do not think the statement is wholly true, but there is some truth in it. I will explain why.

When clients come to me with questions of their lives, the basic solution to most questions is very simple. After all, after wrecking all the songs, people "just want to be happy". The idea is that once another is achieved, each other will disappear, like when you shine very bright light on shadow spots: the shadow disappears.

My protests are that although this is a worthwhile endeavor, "universe" or international rules, not only does it allow happiness.

One of the operating laws of the universe is the principle of polarity. It simply says that where one exists and is experienced, it will also be the opposite. So, in order for the light to be experienced, it must be something like darkness. In order for experience of abundance to exist, poverty must be experienced.

There must be something like grief (or whatever you consider to be the opposite) to congratulate any experience.

Experiencing only one experience, without the other, is a lost cause. There will always be a balance between two extremes whatever you are experiencing. This applies to your life in general, but also for every single aspect, whether it's your career, finance, health, relationships, personal development, spiritual, you name it.

The balancing process must not be in the same context as you are looking for. Thus, you may have an absolute financial abundance (which is great) but has poverty in your relationships or your grotty time. Or you can experience a lot of emotional freedom, but lacking intellectual property.

I have a client who is an accountant and very helpful in it, both financially and professionally. His big problem is the lack of time to enjoy spoiling his work and lacking happiness in relation to his wife (he works for 90 hours a week). He wants to create more happiness and experience more freedom. It's reliably easy to reach, but it's on the price: he must work less and earn a little less. He does not completely look at this idea, and it creates him. Nature balance out!

Happiness in one area comes by releasing happiness in another.

It is never black and white in life, but it is generally said that happiness and sorrow go together. They can not live without each other. Sometimes you're happy and sometimes you're sad, regardless of what area of ​​life happens. See it like the Yin and Yang principle: they form one together, but each separate component has completely different elements. I call it the principle of principle.

In most of our communities, we have been trained to be in a negative vibe mainly: Not such and such, watch a blah blade, be careful with this, and the other, be sure to take care of rah rah. Is it surprising that most people on this planet fear the future and seek some kind of security? Not really.

We can express another, better "vibration" (read: feeling), though, where the law of attraction comes in. If you can live with the idea that happiness and sad balance balance each other, you can still choose to experience happiness first and foremost choose it intentionally.

Attraction attraction states that you appear in your life whatever you put your thoughts, feelings, and emphases in advance. The more you choose to be in one vibration, mainly, the more of the feeling you will experience. I teach very practical and easy to use tools to change this prevailing vibration, which will totally give you more of what you want and less of what you do not. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a major part of this theory, since the language you use plays a decisive role in what you attract as your experience.

As long as you continue looking for one item, you will need to get somewhere, somewhere, sometimes. The sooner you can agree that you need everything to experience it all, you're on the way to the life of life. Mostly!

Set Landmark:

Firstly: Look into your life because you hold opposing emotions: Are you swelling in your career, but miserable in your relationship? Is your health good, but your wallet is empty? See the contradictions and realize that they are part of one and the same part.

Second: Where are you primarily? Are you a pretty happy-good person, or are you generally more serious and careful? Does the "attitude of life" hold an attitude towards price? Is the cost of "life" costing you something?

Third: wherever you think you hold an undesirable vibration / feeling / feeling: what's on the other side? What do you want to feel more of?

Finally: start monitoring what areas of your life you already have the desired feeling. It's over there! It must be!

You just have to find it!

Happiness as a single state is not an option, in less humility. What is possible is happiness states most of the time and states where happiness is not relatively easy if happiness is not the rule for some reason. Realizing the state can be learned. It's great to acquire.


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