Happiness – No size fit

One day, during a temporary allocation in the United States, a member invited me for lunch. Typical of American lunches, I ordered hamburgers, chips and beer.

When the server took the order, she asked. "How do you want your burger?" Well, medium rare or rare? I said "Well done."

"Do you want tomatoes in your burger?" I said "Yes."

] "What kind of tomatoes?" I said, "Why, how many tomatoes do you have?"

Then she began to rattle off what they have. After the third, I said "Stop."

She smiled and said, "Tomato badge. I like that. And what about your beer? "

I gave her a look that almost said " Just keep up with the burger and grab the next beer on your way back. "

The same can happen in the search for happiness. It can be very difficult, not because it does not exist, but because it comes in so many ways, for example, well done, moderately rare or rare.

It can come in as many colors as the spectrum and in small, medium, large, extra and great sizes.

It can be floating or staying with us for a little longer. Sometimes we do not even know that we already have it

The happiness problem is that no size fits all.

To find it, we must know what we are looking for.

What is happiness?

Happiness can be defined unprecedented ways, but I like the best:

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being that is characterized by positive or fun emotions, ranging from pleasure to excitement.

This e is quite normal. It can not be seen, touch, smell. It can only be perceived and experienced.

It is the primary purpose of life; very heart to be human. To look for happiness and avoid suffering, things are shared by all of us.

If it is our right to be happy, if it is in our hearts to be human, then why has it prevented the vast majority of humanity? Why are so much suffering and unhappiness in the world?

Is it because we are looking where can not find or do things that can not give shape and growth?

I like to order hamburgers with all kinds of tomatoes and go through all the bottles of beer in a rack easier than answering these questions.

But I can stop the fact of happiness from my years looking for it.

– There is no perfect happiness:

Perfection is the kingdom of angels, not for man. Nothing perfect can come from imperfections.

– True happiness is only found in great respect:

Virtue is a behavior that shows high moral standards.

According to Benjamin Franklin: Nothing but addiction to parts of this world, sacred submission to Providence's custody here and a prominent hope of happiness after that, gives us true satisfaction of ourselves.

Then he added: Virtue is the best guard against many unavoidable evil events with us; nothing better relieves the weight of suffering or interferes with the blessings of human life.

Support for his vision, Sogyal Rinpoche said: "True happiness and peace of mind can not be found in any external, it's only found inside."

– Happiness can not be beyond the core of values:

The core values ​​are views and convictions that guide and control our behavior and support our purpose and vision. Our core values ​​define who we are.

Can you be happy to be not you?

"Houses that are divided against themselves can not resist," – Abraham Lincoln.

– Instant gratification is not happiness:

Taking 10 bucks off the street can buy lunch but dinner can not be overridden.

In our fast society, instant gratification has become almost part of life. We have fast food, motorways, motorways, instant marriages and divorce. Everything has to be done quickly – even happiness. So people resort to drugs, alcohol and illegal relations that believe happiness is there.

Happiness is not found in this man. Yet, he is involved in this again and again until he becomes addicted to him.

Happiness with instant gratification is like a friend in the desert – it provides temporary shelter. As soon as you go out, the strong heat of the sun will hit you again, parching your throat with thirst.

Search happiness that will last longer than a simple post.

– Happiness can last for long but never stable:

Longevity and stability are not the same. At the age of 65 I have lived for a long time but has not been in constant health, or always happy. Happiness is a feeling, like fear, anger, jealousy, lust, greed and many others who consider the attention of our brains. Any of these, anytime on a particular day, can take over and affect our behavior.

That's normal. What is not normal is to allow these unnecessary pain that involves being human, robbing your right to be happy.

Happiness ebbs and flows like a tide. But a man with strong self-esteem will find happiness like the sand on the beach – it will always be no matter what way the beach goes.

– Happiness is the choice:

This is probably the overuse of happiness. But a lot of people continue to make the wrong choice.

Choosing happiness is not picking up items in the flea market, which, when placed on the table, gives you a little personal pleasure.

It's a deliberate decision caused by a conscious effort to weigh other options and give you a voice from within.

– Can We Find Real Happiness?

Definitely. Find yourself and there lies your happiness.


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