Happiness – Swallow your way to happy life

We have been told since childhood that we need eight hours of sleep for the best of health, safety and performance.

But according to the National Sleep Foundation survey, 63% of Americans do not get this recommended eight hours. Deduction of all nighters for testing or preparing reports is just one of many reasons for university students and others do not get a recommended sleep.

Because lack of adequate sleep affects your memory and thinking ability, you need to improve sleep if you want to improve your fitness, stamina, productivity, and happiness.

Waking up an hour every morning?

If so, says Dr. Wilse Web, a psychologist at the University of Florence, Gainesville, "you reduce your natural sleep patterns." Many people think we can wake up without an alarm if we get adequate sleep.

I've witnessed more than one driver on the freeway that pulls me up with a lot of eyelids and pumps off. There is an awesome sight and potentially fatal situation.

Many people believe that there is an extensive sleep disorder in our nation. In fact, lack of sleep has been a train, truck, oil spill and spacecraft accidents. These accidents indicate that sleep deprivation can lead to focusing, thinking fast, making sound decisions and driving safely.

It is common to experience neuropathy for presentation or presentation. But add this lack of adequate sleep and you raise your stress and reduce the quality of your performance. To increase your score, stamina, productivity and happiness, put adequate sleep on your daily work of art.


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