Happiness – that's a choice

How many of us know a person who is always in trouble, always complaining and nothing seems to be right for them? Perhaps we knew it at one point in our lives and then grown from them. They were great teachers for us, they were there for reasons. They might have bought us down at one point, but in fact they taught us to be positive.

No matter where we are in life, no matter what's happening or who we are, being unhappy is not going to do anything better. I had to be the one who believes that everything happens in our lives, not only on time, but for reasons, this applies not only to what seems to be bad, but also to what seems good. It's only because we look at it, think and feel that we can really change it to positive experiences. It's not easy, it's simple, but it's definitely not easy.

We tend to tangle our lives by getting drunk on what is happening, which draws us down into spiral paths as soon as we do not know what happened and how we got there again. The key to this is "thought" because it's all it's and when we really look at it and start learning things we realize, we can manage these thoughts, we have to create them and we get to choose them.

Even though I did not like the job I left every day, I could still choose to be happy as a person. After all, that was not what I dislike, there were thoughts about the job. As Wayne Dyer so eloquently says, "Your thoughts changed your life." Actually, this was the first book that began to change my life. It has been shown to me that when I change my thoughts, things change around me. Going back to that job I dislike, I had to change the energy and find something about what I could like, and there's always at least one that we can find. When we think about it, we will always find what we are looking for. Therefore, we can choose whether to look for a negative or positive whether it will always meet.

There will always be negative people, I think, but that does not mean we have to be around them or feed what is seemingly troubled by listening or confirming what they say. Perhaps when they find out that nobody is talking or confirming them, they will start to see positive things, who knows. The point is that we have a choice. We are always in control of our thoughts.

If we are awake in the morning, we put positive thoughts on the head, which will increase by attracting other positive thoughts. On the other hand, if we choose to allow negative thinking to take control, it will continue to attract other negative thoughts. If a negative man jumps in, we can always clean it and change it positively, if we do not, we will experience a negative all day until we choose to change it.

Positive confirmation is a great way to start the day, just try to confirm being happy today and see what's happening, you may need to remind you of the day out but make a conscious effort to choose happiness. Try to repeat or humming or singing, I'm happy, I'm good, I am happy, I'm good and see how it lifts your energy. It works. It sets spring in my step every time I choose it.


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