Happiness: Where can you find it?

What is the meaning of life, if not to be happy and useful? The term happiness has been part of a misunderstanding among several psychologists, philosophers, scientists and theologians. Some have asked and answered questions: "What is meaning happiness? Are you looking for happiness?" Does everyone believe that happiness is achieved somewhere? Where can you find happiness? "

One drives happiness and led some to seek materialism, others in knowledge and so on. Ancient philosophers such as Socrates and Platon viewed happiness as the content of virtuous life. They are usually taken as the basis of moral decisions. God is doing good. For epicureans, joy in life is a pleasure, but some find their mind in faith or honor. The first question is, "What factors are true happiness?"

No one has control over your happiness but you; You have the power to change anything about yourself. As you go through all sorts of feelings and experiences throughout your journey through life, you try to keep this question as a guiding light in all joy, surprise, chagrin, fear, disappointment, difficulty, etc. "What do I really need right now to be happy. "What you will come over and over again is that the only thing that's deep like love, kindness and conviction will really make you happy in any kind of long-standing way. When we allow frustration, failure, disappointment and sadness to impress the main goal of living, then we will be left with nothing but a world-class surrender and depression and as clinical or counseling psychologists determine untreated depression that can be fatal. One should never allow failure and difficulty to weigh him / her because when they good governance will be the key to enviable height. Heroes come out of junctions After all people like Abraham Lincoln were able to be 16th elected president of the United States after a series of huge mistakes. It does not matter how long we've been stuck in ideas if we go into a dark room and turn on the light switches No matter if the room has been dark for day, week or twenty thousand years, we turn on the light and it is informed. Once we have controlled our ability for love and happiness, the light has been lit.

Happiness according to Platon lent by Aristotle and confirmed by Thomas Aquinas is the ultimate end of man. The whole pursuit goal is that happiness is not something you can experience at a particular moment, like feeling joy or joy when you are backed by destiny but it's a rather lasting state of being. True happiness is not found in wealth, honor or power, as some say, "What is happiness without wealth", this is just an argument because if that were the case, a rich man would not be too crying.

But true happiness is found in the philosophical quest for good, ie. God. "Our hearts are restless until they rest on God". Augustine. Life without happiness is useless. While some are looking in the wrong places. Some also allow the activity of life to snatch it from them. Honors, intelligence, health, friends, virtues, etc. Can lead us to feel like joy or joy. But they are not happy. Each of these is a way to achieve happiness. Good life is a good life. Happiness is not something that can be achieved today or year, but in all the life of man. True happiness is not bought finished. Happy mind is a great mind why when you are happy, he is moved to perform all sorts of good works even beyond your imagination.


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