Happy shortcuts – 8 Self-help methods to strengthen and rejoice

We all want to be happy; it is given. So why are not we? The answer is usually quite simple: what we say we want and what we do are two very different things. We say we want to be happy, but we make choices that lead us to pain. We say we want our lives to be different, but we do nothing else. We're talking a good game, but we do not live it.

Here's a checklist of eight self-propelled methods that you can use to keep yourself responsible and open the door for joy. Some may seem a bit strong and they are – but if you're courageous and use them to take a personal record of your life now, you can find some valuable shortcuts to have the life you want.

Now, deep breath and dive in!

1. Suck it and grow your spine: Your life is a reflection of your choice. If you do not like what these options have earned you this season, suck it up and acknowledge it, and then do different. Look at the truth about what's not working in your life, what you need to do about it and then do it. If you know your job is to kill you, step back and figure out why. Have yourself a big high self-esteem, evaluate the situation objectively and then change your position or change your work. If you're bad in your relationship, you can bet your partner too, so suck it up and deal with the situation honestly. Choosing to ignore reality and be in pain is not only masochistic, it's mental, and if you have a penny of self-esteem you would not do it. So, grown spelling and choosing someone with self-esteem would. And do not let anyone know that someone else will change enough to make you happy. Whether in the office, at home, in the car or in space, your happiness is your responsibility and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you make the chosen decisions that reflect happiness.

2. Nobody owe you anything: your mother, father, spouse or government agency owes you nothing. It's not your birthday to deliver everything on a silver platter so you have not done anything for yourself. If you have run so far, you have not been activated, you have been disabled. If your parents knew you never had to work and save yourself from having ever had consequences, you've definitely got a disability, but it's not permanent and you definitely do not have to reward it. You can learn to take care of yourself and gain the confidence and self-confidence that comes from it. So embrace it. Take responsibility for yourself and your life. You will be surprised at how well it is to do it yourself.

3. Growing Up: If you're still teaching somebody for how your life is now, you do not live in the present and you have zero chance to be very happy. Nobody had perfect youth – nobody – and a lot of people have lived through bad relationships, health problems and dishonest trauma. The fact is that what happened to you before now is permanently found in the past. You can not change what happened. However, you can change how you feel about it and how you can influence yourself – if you want. If you do not and you choose to hang on your old story as an excuse for how terrible your life is now, we do all the fun and just it. Recognizing that people are forgiven for you and keeping your past life gives you permission not to take responsibility for yourself and your life now. The downside is that the only place that this event makes anyone understands is in the head. Emotional mature adults require responsibility for their own lives.

4. Take Kick Me Sign up: If you feel like people are enjoying you all the time, you're not a victim – you're a volunteer. When you walk around wearing your feelings on a sleeve or with a shin on your shoulder, expect bad things that happen, ask someone to do something to make you a little bad. Own your feelings and responses and deal with your life. Getting your feelings hurt is in the third grade. Looking at the situation objectively and not taking anything personally will ensure you will not suffer victims.

5. Life is not fair, overcome it: Things happen and you can spend your life by assessing how uneven it is or you can survive. Every time you spend looking at how you've been hurt, a minute of fun and joy is forgotten. You can not change the past. You learn from the experience and did your best to see that the same does not happen again.

6. Do something about it or stay up: If you're not ready to change your relationship, stop complaining about your partner and acknowledge your misery. If you are not ready to change your eating habits, drink or practice, stop complaining of being fat and sick and tired. Whatever you find yourself constantly complaining about, make changes or accept that you do not want to worry about it. Either you want something else, or you do not. If you do, you must do something else.

7. You are looking at the problem: When someone does something that really matters to you, you may probably come up with a quick list of symptoms, information, and misfortune defects for the reasons. Fine, but when you're done, mosay over to the mirror with that list and try it in size. Whatever interferes with this person reflects something about you that you need to deal with. It may be a direct reflection or it may be something you've exported and do not want to be anymore. Anyway, it's about you. Come down to the "whys" of your feelings and it will make much more sense.

8. Be the change: If you want others to treat you differently, start treating yourself differently. If you want others to respond differently, give them a good example to follow. The easiest way to be stuck and unhappy is to focus on how others need to fix themselves. The only reason people emphasize others is that they do not have to deal with their own evil spirits. When you criticize, you get a sense and superiority, and your own wits are definitely hidden – or you think. Does not work like this. The only people who can withstand long-standing complaints and complaints are protracted critics and complaints. If you're busy finding an error, stop and start being the one you think everyone else has bought to be.

Take responsibility for the way things are in your life. If you want different results, make different options. Live in joy!


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