How to be happy – happiness and wealth

The origin of happiness comes from the middle of the English term: a bite that means luck.

Of course, being happy at the time, have good luck and that your extension is prosperous and pushes further to be rich.

This relationship between wealth and happiness has always been around and that's why the little idea popped up: & # 39; Money does not make you happy.

How useful! Rich would be very happy because they were rich and the poor would be very happy because they were sure that rich men (their worst enemy) were not happy about their money!

Money does not make you happy, but it certainly helps!

If you put up a spiritual part of life, do you like to live in a cold culmination versus living in a cozy good apartment would make you feel happier? If you're guilty of being wealthy maybe, but otherwise I'm pretty sure people would rather get luxury.

Money stabilizes. Stability gives confidence and confidence brings peace, tranquility.

Happening happily from peace to happiness rather than hoping for misery, do not you feel?

Do not be fooled, you can be rich and happy. Really most successful people, I mean people who caught themselves and did not take back their father, are happy men! And the amazing conviction is that happiness will maintain your trust and will push you even more for more wealth!

The first spin of the bike is not always easy, but you have to grow up! Keep your goals in the goal, your dreams that will drive you through the first cycle of the bike! And then you just have to keep spinning, by putting much less effort it took in the first place.

Good person happiness is that it's contagious! Yes, like a virus, but good!

Try to deal with happy people, the joy will be sent to you and will help you go through!

Here is an example. You always hang out with people who complain, people whining. How do you feel like talking about them?

You can feel good if you could help them, but I could not (like most of the time) you just feel bad for them.

I have nothing against helping people, but some will not simply help! They just look like their miserable condition.

It's so easy to follow than to lead.

The items are so connected that you really want to be happy to get all the benefits!

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