How to find happiness beyond the uncertainty of society

Absolutely banned our society is characterized by aggression, terrorism, despair, violence, immorality, poverty, greed, indifference, futility, hypocrisy, ignorance, selfishness, shyness, and many other sad definitions.

However, the person tries to live happily with all the difficulties of survival while living in a crazy world where justice is only power and many dangers threaten his happiness all the time.

He would be a completely different attitude if he was intelligent and sensitive to understanding how his delicate behavior is, as he lives in this way. However, he can not see his own absurdity, and therefore he continues to try to be happy, including living in true hell.

Happiness is a feeling and state of satisfaction. One will never catch it while he lives in hell.

This means we must change hell to live in paradise if we want to live happily on earth.

How things are now in our world, we will never succeed happily. This is more than impossible! Only elephants would require them to try to find happiness while they had many enemies everywhere, but suffered so many of so many reasons.

Everyone's classic reaction is looking for private happiness, far away from the pubs and problems of the world, but this is impossible: we do not care about the world and we all influence the actions of the whole community.

If you want to escape from the general absurdity that characterizes our world and find mental health and happiness, transform the place where you create sensitivity and intelligence, you must learn how to hid secret messages unconscious mind in your own dreams.

Unconscious mind will show you how to use the power of your mind to achieve what you want, how to solve all problems that seem impossible to solve, how to help you and the whole community you are part of and many others that are indicative of your happiness and happiness of all mankind.

You will understand that the selfish philosophy of life that characterizes our society is actually totally absurd and humanity can only be happy when he learns how to share everything he has with his community and when he wants to learn how to respect everyone same way.

Your mission and presence will be very important to the world, because you will not be ridiculous like the majority. A witty unconscious mind will show you how to succeed in life and how to help everyone else to succeed like you so you only have friends and your community can learn how to live peacefully and happily with noble your example.


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