How to make happy life

Have you ever found yourself asking how to be happy? It is an innate desire for everyone to experience this feeling, but rarely we draw attention to these deep roots and do nothing to accomplish it. That's why happiness is temporary! But what if we should tell you that you can continue with this sense of happiness?

To answer your question about how you feel comfortable, delve into detail about the feeling of happiness. When do you feel good about life? Consider an example. Say you've worked very hard with tasks at work and your boss comes up and promises you in front of your team! It's a great feeling right? But as you would know it's a quick moment! One annoying call is enough to bring you back to a miserable mood.

What is the solution to this problem? The solution is to learn how to "be there". In order to transform happiness, you need to follow certain methods that help you experience the current moments. This turnaround excludes negative emotions and transforms you into a person who can experience immature joy in the smallest parts of life. So here are 5 ways to be there.

Breathe – Before responding to your comments or compliments, take a deep breath. So if your boss congratulates you on your success, breathe your entire stomach before you thank him.

Be aware of your environment – Even when you are in a conversation or even walking with you, drink what's going on around you. Look at the eyes of the individual, follow the clothes and his hairstyle, be aware of the space you have and deserve spiritual and lively things around you.

Feel your body – When you're in a conversation with someone who's a negative or positive tone, do not miss out on yourself and tell your body that you have it. As if someone accuses you of something you have not done, do not fly straight away from the handle. Feel a part of the body, tell your feet and feel that you are firmly planted on the ground. This will give you innate security and you will not be a reaction.

Feel your emotions – As you experience happiness, you also experience sadness. There are feelings of anger, hurt and sorrow that also apply to human feelings. Do not gloss over them. If you are angry or other "negative" feelings, do not push them away or push them down. Allow yourself to be angry for a moment and you'll find that it's automatically spread for a while and you're not heavy anymore.

View Your Thoughts – This is related to negative emotions. If you have negative thoughts about something or someone, do not push them away. Do not be the judge of your own thoughts. In fact, it's a good idea to look at them or even write them down one by one, as you are turning over the book page and you will find that at one point your negative thoughts are all gone and fresh ideas like cool fresh air are rushing in bed!

If you follow these methods to be conscious consciousness, you will find that over time you have become a happier individual with a positive attitude towards life.


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